Are you trying to figure out how to become a blogger? If yes, you should check out our simple guide here on the key steps to take.

Bloggers in 2020 can make anywhere from $10 per month to $10,000+!

While many considered blogging just to be a hobby, many people are now using their sites to support themselves. If you’re interested in creating a successful website that will bring in some extra income, we’ve compiled some tips for you.

Keep reading to learn about how to become a blogger!

How to Become a Blogger

Part of becoming a successful blogger is being committed to your work.

Here are some ways to use that hard work to become a blogger!

1) Create a Website with a Domain

If you’re going to get found in Google search results, it’s essential to have your domain.

Your domain is the web address that viewers will use to find your blog. If you use a host and have a website name tagged on the back of the host’s domain, your odds of showing up in search results are much less.

Plus, your readers will find a personalized domain more professional. It’s important to come off as professional as possible if you plan on writing for clients.

For your web hosting, check out this article on how to start a blog.

2) Decide on a Niche

While some bloggers do specialize in a little bit of everything, you’ll find more success if you hone in on a specialty area.

This is known as a “niche.” Examples of niches include:

  • finance
  • health
  • technology
  • family
  • automobiles

Pretty much any category could be used as your niche if you enjoy writing about it and have a fair amount of knowledge about it!

Choosing a niche not only builds credibility with your audience, but clients in the same niche will be more eager to work with you.

3) Produce Content Strategically

So, you’ve created your website and chosen a niche, now what?

As you start to create content for your blog, you’ll want to have a basic understanding of SEO. SEO is search engine optimization, which is what will get your content found online.

Craft your blog posts to include keywords that your audience may be searching for. Study other trends in your niche to gain inspiration as well.

For some more advice on starting a website, check out Prabir Purohit!

4) Promote Your Blog on Social Media

You can either create social media accounts specifically for your website or use your existing pages.

Every time you craft a new blog post, share it with your followers, and encourage them to share it to their page. Engage your audience by asking if there are any topics they would like to hear about, ask what their thoughts are, or create a contact form on your website.

Social media promotion does take time, but planning and publishing programs like Tailwind make it much either to be found on social media in no time!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Are You Ready to Become a Blogger?

Like most careers, becoming a blogger will take time and hard work.

It will take you a few months to learn the ins and outs of crafting great blog posts, just as it will take some time to attract clients if you’re seeking income that way. Keep writing and sharing your content, and over time you will see your blog blossom! Hopefully, this post about how to become a blogger can get you started on your journey.

The Mom Kind

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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