How to be a stay at home mom and love it

How to be a stay at home mom

Few jobs are quite as difficult as being a mother. And many times, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting to raise children. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable, and actually, love your job as a mom. Here are eight tips to get you started.

Plan tomorrow today

Living in a house with kids can be very chaotic in the mornings. Getting them ready for school, preparing breakfast, and making sure no one loses their shoe is a real hassle. It could even be worse during holidays where you have them for the whole day.

A good idea is to make a clear and concise plan the night before when they are all sleeping peacefully. That’s when you can get clever ideas like taking them on playdates or remember that you need to go shopping.

You can also take the time to create a weekly schedule. That way, you already know what to do on any given day during the week and can direct your energy to do it.

Find time to leave the house

Some moms believe that the title “stay at home” is quite confusing. That’s because anyone will lose their minds if they stay at home all the time. Existing in the same space for prolonged periods is bad for your mental health, and it can even lead to depression.

Even if you don’t have a place to go, a simple walk can be therapeutic. Go outside, get some fresh air, see some new faces, and possibly have conversations that don’t include cartoons and crayons.

You can also make your trip productive by going shopping. Visit the supermarket and try to enjoy every moment you spend there.

Attend local events

The odds are high that you have tons of local events and activities in your community. Many of these will be free to attend, or at least be very affordable. For example, storytime in libraries is usually free, and they give you a whole hour to do anything with your time.

You could also attend a class at your community college. It will give you the chance to do something besides changing diapers and doing laundry. You can find classes to ignite your passions in everything from woodworking to the culinary arts.

While we’re on the topic of exploring activities, consider photography. Kids are so whimsical that you’ll never run out of ideas and subjects to photograph.

Get all the help you need

Parenting is a tough job, and you need all the help you can get. The help may be in the form of a babysitter that watches the kids on date night or a fellow mom who can arrange a playdate, so you have alone time.

You should also consider investing in tools that make your life easier. For example, high-quality crib sheets can help put your baby to bed sooner, giving you more time to yourself.

Connect with other moms

Being a stay-at-home mom should be a team sport. No one understands the challenges and joys of being a mother quite like another mom. You can connect with other moms at the playground, supermarket, or even a mommy-and-me class.

It can be as simple as asking if they’d like to come over for a playdate once in a while. As a mom, you know that playdate translates to some alone time while your kids find something else to do. Other moms feel this way too, so it’s a win-win for you both.

It will also give you tons of opportunities to compare notes and find out what other moms are doing. Maybe there’s a lullaby that knocks kids out faster than you can say, “please go to sleep.”

Find time to exercise

For stay-at-home moms, exercise is about more than just getting in shape. It is a way to unwind and feel better. Exercise is one of the few times when you can have some alone time and think without any interruptions.

Whether you’re jogging in the park or cycling in the gym, your mind gets to unpack thoughts while your body goes to town. One additional benefit of exercise is that you’ll feel great afterward. The body releases endorphins during and after exercise, and these help your mental health and overall mood.

One thing to remember is that you need to enjoy the exercise. If you hate running, using the treadmill will have the opposite effect on you. Instead, do 20 minutes of yoga and enjoy yourself.

Treat yourself

At least once a week, find the time to get away and do something gratifying. Think of it as a cheat day for being a mom. You need it because there are no lunch breaks or sick days, or even holidays to being a mother.

The concept of cheat days is a powerful motivator in getting people to stick to their diets. It works because people get the chance to let their hair down, eat what they want, and then get back to work.

Treating yourself once a week can give you the strength you need to be a mother. And it doesn’t even have to be expensive. You can turn up the music, enjoy some cake or ice cream, and watch your favorite TV series.

Enjoy spending time with your kids

Time spent with your kids can go by before you know it. The phrase “they grow up so fast” never really hits you until you experience it. That’s why it’s a great idea to enjoy as much time with your kids as you can.

Sometimes, it helps forget all your rigid rules and sense of adulthood and get on the floor to play with them. Run around in the park, push them on the swing, buy them a fun set of baby pajamas and be silly. The chance to do these things can pass you by before you even know it.

One helpful tip is to find activities that you can enjoy together. It could be watching animations like Frozen together or building a lego structure. The more you enjoy the activity, the more likely you are to do more of it.

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