After becoming a wife and a mother, many women focus on their children and husbands while neglecting themselves. Until a time comes when they are overwhelmed with everything, we forget that a happy woman is a key to a happy family. And when you’re overwhelmed and unhappy, it is natural that you will be easily irritable, snappy, or even aggressive. That can negatively impact not only those around you but also your health, as prolonged stress can have harmful effects on your body and mind. This is why it’s so important to schedule a happy woman day once or twice a week to help you unwind and pamper yourself (away from kids and family).

How to be a Happy Woman

As a woman, married or not, you need to find things that make you happy and practice them regularly because a happy mama equals a happy family. And even if you’re not a mother and want to join some of the best dating sites in 2021 in search of your better half,  you still want to make sure that you’re content. There’s nothing more attractive than a satisfied and cheerful person! 

So, what should you do to ensure that you are a happy woman?

Put Yourself First

After becoming wives and mothers, many women tend to put themselves on the backbench, not knowing that this causes self-harm. If you want to have a real happy woman’s face and not pretend, you must put yourself first. Take care of your mental health because only this way will you care for your family.

If someone is affecting you mentally and physically, cut them out of your life or call them out on their behavior. Some may be in toxic relationships without even realizing it. This is why it’s essential to spot that you’re in such a relationship and, if possible, get out of it as soon as possible.

Take a stand for yourself, and do not harm yourself to keep people who do not appreciate you around. Regardless of the situation, always stand for yourself, reach for help if needed, or even file a restraining order. And if you feel threatened and suffer from domestic abuse, you can get help from the local Domestic Violence Hotline.

Chase Your Dreams

We tend to abandon our dreams and goals for family-related responsibilities. We forget that our dreams fuel us, so if you don’t follow them, you’ll always have regrets, which turns into unhappiness. We are not saying that you abandon your responsibility to your family; we are just sensitizing you not to quit your dream.

Remember how your face would right up when you talk about your dreams; we want that for you.

Be In A Healthy Relationship

The way of a happy woman is to have a healthy and loving relationship with their partner and kids. So when you are choosing your partner, please pay attention to their behavior. And if you notice any red flags, do not ignore them, address them, and cut the person off if they don’t change. Do not settle because it only brings disappointments. Manifest what you want in your partner, believe in love, and you shall receive it back.

Remember, it’s better to stay single than being with someone manipulative, abusive, and who does not respect you.

Learn To Forgive

Remember being hateful or carrying grudges is a burden that makes you tired. A happy woman is a forgiving woman; when you forgive, you let go of all the hate and grudges, feeling lighter and relieved.

However, keep in mind that there are limits to forgiveness. If a partner forgot to wash dishes or disagreed with you on some minor matter is not the same as a partner that harasses and abuses you – this sort of behavior is unforgivable.

5. Be Kind

Kindness makes you a beautiful happy woman, so be kind to people you come across or your colleagues at your place of work. In a world where kindness is rare, be a ray of sunshine to those who need it.

You can show kindness by preparing a meal for your elderly neighbor or helping them with some chores, such as mowing their lawn. Or you can leave a happy note on a colleague facing some difficulties desk to encourage them. Your kindness will go a long way in ensuring that people have a great day, and seeing others happy will feel you with happiness.


Go For Shopping

Shopping is therapeutic; that’s why you will find a happy woman shopping in a mall by going through racks of clothes to find the best dress or top. Or handbags and shoes, depending on your preferences. Depending on what makes you happy, you can treat yourself to a shopping spree once in a while. However, ensure that you are not breaking the bank, spend within your budget to avoid regretting it later.

Other ways to reclaim your happiness include:

  • Joining a gym
  • Have a gratitude list
  • Routine self-care
  • Has a great friend

Final Thought

As a woman, you should always take care of your happiness first before your family. This is because a happy woman creates a happy family. So put the above tips into practice to ensure that you are always happy.

Are you making your happiness as a woman a priority? Please share with us some of how you are doing that in the comment section!

Robert Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with couples of different ages and wants to share his thoughts about relationships with you. Robert’s hobby is traveling inside the UK and abroad. He has visited more than 15 countries, including the USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands, etc. One of Robert's biggest dreams is to take a photo on the top of Everest.

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