According to statistics, about 2.7 divorces per 1,000 people in the US. Although the number of divorces in the US is decreasing, from the all-time high of four divorces per 1,000 Americans in 2000, the impact of divorces on children is still the same. 

Avoid the Severe Impact of Divorce on Children

According to research, divorce contributes to significant consequences in kids, including anxiety, anger, social and school difficulties, and depression.

So, as a mother, how will you protect your child from these consequences after divorce?

Divorce contributes to significant consequences in kids, emotionally, mentally, & behaviorally. Learn how you can help reduce the impact of divorce on children.
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Work With A Lawyer

There’ll always be a fight about who gets custody of kids or a specific parental arrangement for every marriage ending in divorce. After all, both parents would want to have their kids grow with them. 

So, whether you want full custody of your child because of reasons like domestic violence or abuse or want to provide a fair visitation arrangement with your husband, you should work with one of the best child custody lawyers in Orange County or wherever you reside.

They’re well-versed about child custody law in your specific location, as well as have real-world experience on what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating a fair, flexible, and forward-thinking parenting arrangement. 

The last thing you want is to exhaust yourself and end up in court every few months due to disagreements about your co-parenting arrangement. They also help protect your rights if your ex-husband refuses to compromise or violates the terms of the custody arrangement. 

A reliable family lawyer can help you throughout the process and avoid mistakes that can spark another battle.

Choose A Calmer Method Of Divorce

Due to the negative impact of traditional divorce proceedings in courtrooms, it’s becoming increasingly popular for a divorce case to be carried out more proactively and calmly. Such calmer methods of separation and divorce can help reduce the stress not only for you but also for your child. 

Your divorce options include:


Mediation allows you and your ex-husband to talk through the essential issues of the divorce in a calm and peaceful environment that’s free of pressure. A mediator will oversee the process and help keep conversations and arrangements constructive towards a common goal of a fair divorce. 

Solicitor Negotiation

You can use a solicitor negotiation to bring a peaceful end to a bitter separation. The purpose of solicitor-led negotiations is to help both parties reach an agreement over the outcome of their divorce instead of having a court tell them what the results will be. You can have a respectful negotiation with one another, which can then be made to be legally binding should both of you agree to it.

  • Collaborative Law

A relatively new process resolving divorce disputes, collaborative law involves hiring lawyers for each party and other experts, such as divorce coaches or financial professionals, to provide options and help negotiate a fair agreement. 

Keep The Arguments Away

Perhaps, the most critical part of protecting your kid from divorce is to keep them out of it as much as you can. 

There’s a lot of evidence showing that arguing in front of your child can damage them, and fights can become more intense during the divorce. So, make sure to choose a place to discuss issues and problems with your ex-husband. This can be anywhere as long as it’s somewhere away from your child. 

However, it’s impossible always to keep your cool all the time. So, if you do argue in front of your child, make sure to repair the damage. Talk to them and explain why there’s an argument. Also, you need to explain that it’s not their fault and that you love them always. 

Manage Your Finances

You may be wondering how managing your finances can help protect your child. Well, it may not seem evident at first, but they do suffer some consequences when their parents aren’t providing them with enough financial support. 

So, while your family situation has changed, it’s still important to work with your ex-husband to protect your kid’s financial standing. And, if possible, maintain a lifestyle that’s similar to how it was before the divorce. 

You need to be smart about handling shared finances and always be responsible for child support payments. 

Avoid the Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce is never easy, especially when there’s a child involved. Regardless of why your marriage didn’t work, it’s the parents’ responsibility not to extend the burden and suffering to children. 

In the end, you want to make a decision. You can always be the right one in the battle and get even with your ex-husband. Or, you can be responsible and protect your children from the pain and sufferings of divorce. 

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  1. Divorce is hard particularly to children and great tips you provided that every divorce couple can follow through it.

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