Mark Park holds several titles by being gifted in terms of playing Rubik’s Cube. He holds the title for being the quickest to unravel the cube and the fastest duration to decipher it with one hand. What is more surprising is that Max Park has been identified with autism. Miraculously, instead of hindering, cracking Rubik’s cubes aided Max from the diagnosis of autism.

How Rubik’s Cubes Helped Max Park with His Autism and Became a Record-Breaker

During his early years, Max’s parents looked for several ways and opportunities for therapy. Many things were difficult for Max as he had not mastered his kinetics yet. Max could not hold a water bottle on his own. That is until an opportunity led them to the Rubix cube playing.

Rubiks helped Max learn everything from how to fall in line during competitions, shaking hands, and waiting his turn. With his parents’ guidance, Max escalated his communication skills to showing or telling what he wants. For his parents, his abilities at the Rubik’s cube did not matter. For them, it was seeing Max improve and level up his skills.

As he wrapped up his second game, his parents were astonished and even doubted the result at first. At just 10 years old, Max was up against and beat college graduates from various institutions.

Max’s gift in playing brought him to different prestigious events such as Guinness. Who would have thought a Rubix cube would lead to a whirlwind adventure.

Max’s improved his social skills during the World Championships. His parents stated that

As Max obtained the championship, they observed that he’s imitating the others by adjusting that certificate he was holding to look like everyone else.

For his parents, it was also a win-win situation. They got to see their child develop a fun skill while improving necessary skills such as social and communication. Plus, what an amazing reward for Max that to become a world champion at something he loves!

Max Park’s speech improved, along with his willingness to talk with people since he bean competitions. Whenever he goes into a game, he knows that all the people there share the same passion.

Of course, his parents are proud of their son’s outstanding achievements, especially in playing Rubik’s cube. However, they are more impressed with how the game made a difference for their child with autism.

As they recall, the most iconic moment so far was when Max reached the peak of his career when he won the France World Championship. It was one of the most unforgettable occasions since it was the first competition Max got into first place. And as a 10-year old individual, it set the bar so high that it made him stand out among the others and even got the average world standing. People noticed Max, and everyone talked about his talent while raising awareness about autism.

Rubik’s cube helped Max Park to be on top of his career, but most of all, it helped him with his autism.

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