Are you wondering how much does couples counseling cost? If yes, you should check out our guide right here on the average prices.

Did you know that up to 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States?

That’s a sad statistic! But it’s also the perfect demonstration of the intricate, complex nature of long term relationships. Life happens, people change, and feelings ebb and flow.

Relationships will forever be filled with their share of challenges as a result. Sometimes, though, the problems run so deep that only external support promises to turn the situation around.

Enter the role of couples’ counselors. It’s their job to sit with struggling lovers and help them work through their issues. But how much does couples counseling cost?

After all, money’s an apparent common barrier to people who might benefit from counseling support. Knowing how much it’ll cost is the first step to deciding if it’s an option.

Unfortunately, the answer’s anything but black and white. Are you looking for insight into the cost of couples counseling? Keep reading!

How Much Is Couples Therapy?

All sorts of factors impact the cost of couples counseling. It depends on where you live, who you see, how many sessions you need, and the type of therapy itself. Ask 20 different couples how much they pay, and they’ll each deliver a different answer!

As a rule of thumb, though, expect to pay an hourly rate of anything between $50 and $150. That would mean paying up to $1,500 for ten sessions.

Try calling multiple counselors to compare prices and ask if they can offer any discounts. Many will charge their clients on a sliding scale concerning their income. Couples who earn more will be charged more, and vice versa.

You could also look into counseling hotlines. A number of these telephone services run for free around the country. You can phone up and access a form of relationship support without spending a dime.

Remember to check your health insurance policy as well. With sufficient cover, you may be able to claim the costs of counseling from your provider.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Couples Counseling

Are you wondering why the rates for couples counseling vary so much? Read on for a selection of primary factors that affect the fees.


Many private therapists are in extremely high demand.

And, like any product/service, prices increase when the demand outweighs supply. With limited time slots and dozens of eager clients, the counselors can afford to charge higher rates.

Unfortunately, that often means the best therapists are super expensive!


The location in which you’re seeking support will often determine the costs involved as well.

Once again, supply and demand come into play. Areas with many counselors tend to offer more competitive prices! The cost comes down to attract new clients.

Living costs are another factor. Therapists that reside in more expensive parts of the country will charge more to cover the higher cost of living.

Private vs. Public

Private treatment will always cost more than community-based services.

After all, private therapists are only bound by the market. In other words, they can charge what they like, assuming that people are willing to pay for it.

If money is tight, then community therapy services will be a better bet. Expect less choice in terms of the counseling support on offer, but reduced rates as well.

Expertise and Specialized Training

Counselors with specialized training tend to charge more for their services.

After all, they’ve attained qualifications that set them apart from their peers. They’re in shorter supply and more expert in their role, which raises their value.

Think of neurosurgeons. Few people can do what they do, which makes them valuable! Their salary goes up as a result. The same applies to specialized counselors.

Additional Suggestions for Choosing Your Counselor

Money is an understandable consideration for anybody seeking therapy.

However, picking a counselor based purely on price isn’t always recommended! Like a cheap piece of furniture, they might not be best for the job. If possible, try to keep the following factors in mind too:


First off, you need to find a counselor with sufficient availability.

In other words, they should have free slots that work with your schedule (and your partner’s!). You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or go out of your way to see them! Likewise, there’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to see a counselor when you need their support.

Work with someone who isn’t inundated with current clients. They’ll be more flexible with their slots and should be able to offer times that match your preferences.


Try to find a couples’ counselor with sufficient levels of experience.

Imagine being operated on by a surgeon who’s only done the procedure a few times before. It’s hardly reassuring! You want someone who’s done hundreds of them and could do it with their eyes closed.

You might find similar comfort (not to mention superior results) by working with an experienced counselor who’s helped endless couples in a similar situation. They should have a better idea of what will help you and your partner overcome your current issues.

Theoretical Orientation

Counselors practice in different ways, depending on their theoretical orientation.

Now, the nuances of their specific practice might not mean much to you. However, asking about it anyway should help you understand what each session would involve. This crucial insight is useful for determining, in advance, whether their therapeutic style would appeal or not.

If it doesn’t, then you can look elsewhere and save yourself money on unhelpful sessions.

How Much Does Couples Counseling Cost? Now You Know

Couples counseling offers an antidote to the trials of long term relationships.

With the help of an expert, you can work through current problems and rediscover your love for one another. Unfortunately, this support isn’t free! It often comes at a financial cost that renders it off-limits to some couples.

Understandably, then, the couples’ counseling cost becomes a critical factor in deciding whether or not to do it. We hope this guide has shed some helpful light on the issue!

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