Our health is the most important and valuable thing we have. It is not hard to stay healthy. But it is difficult to restore health. Our bodies are prone to exhaustion, so it is important to take care of them and keep them healthy. A healthy lifestyle is a way of life aimed at preventing disease and promoting health. It is a concept of human activity aimed at improving and maintaining health through appropriate nutrition, physical fitness, avoiding unhealthy habits, and incorporating high-quality Healthcare Supplies into your daily routine.

Investment in healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is physiologically necessary for humans and is an important prerequisite for physical and mental health. We spend about a third of our life sleeping, so this part of our life should be given close attention and care to ensure that sleep is healthy and correct. The quality of our sleep affects the quality of our waking life, i.e. how our body rests at night affects how it will function during the day. Proper sleep is the source of our good mood, well-being, and, of course, beauty. Nygex will help you get a wonderful and happy sleep. 

Sleep Functions:

  • Rest of the body.
  • Protection and restoration of organs and systems of the body for normal functioning.
  • Processing, fixation, and information storage.
  • Adaptation to changing light conditions (day-night).
  • Maintaining a normal psycho-emotional state of the human body.
  • Restoring the body’s immunity.

And there are several gadgets to perform all these functions!

We recommend orthopedic equipment for proper and pleasant sleep. An excellent medical device is an orthopedic mattress. Lying on it, you are guaranteed not to want to get up. Proper positioning of the body during sleep, even surface distribution, and relaxation. 

Experts also recommend sleeping evenly on your back – right side – left side. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. There are special pillows for sleeping on your side that might be placed on your knees to support your legs in the correct position during sleep. 

The nicest adjustment is an orthopedic pillow. It is bliss in its purest form. Above all, it supports the cervical spine. In addition, these pillows often have a cooling effect. No need to flip the pillow in the middle of the night to enjoy all its charms.

There are special pillows for pregnant women. In general, there is a very useful selection of maternity products. And quality products can be difficult to find. The U-shaped cushions for comfortable sleep, on which you can lay your head, put your leg over and position your tummy comfortably, are an indispensable find.

Of course, all of these devices ensure a truly HEALTHY night’s sleep. 

Maintaining the musculoskeletal system

Let’s continue with the interesting stuff – our spine and the body’s musculoskeletal system. 

We all understand the importance of a healthy back. With a curvature of the spine, many problems are automatically added

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  •  pinching
  • discomfort
  • hernias
  • dislocation of internal organs
  • and many other problems with nerves, joints, bones, etc.

The prevention of all this is pretty simple.

Let’s start with shoes. Often the problems start with the feet. If we wear the wrong and uncomfortable shoes all the time, our feet can gradually become crooked. And as a consequence, flat feet are formed. And it easily causes curvature of the back. That at home to recognize his flat feet, enough wet feet to put a sheet of paper or a towel and look at his imprint. Then compare it with the print of a healthy foot, which you can easily find on the Internet, and you can already draw a conclusion.

Prevention of the problem is quite simple – orthopedic shoes or orthopedic insoles. All these things are made to order, according to your individual measurements. And it is certainly worth the money. After all, in addition to the correct position of the foot, it is also a comfort when walking. 

Back prevention doesn’t require any special effort either. But it is undoubtedly necessary. Especially people with a sedentary lifestyle, office workers, drivers, etc.  

It is necessary to do:

  • some exercises in the middle of the working day in order to stretch your back. 
  • yoga – highly recommended for stretching back muscles and relaxation.
  • there are many kinds of back braces. It is also possible to make them order according to individual measurements. 
  • posture support bandages
  • for children it is very useful to hang on the bar 
  • back supporting belts

Health promotion 

Now about the importance of maintaining good health. 

There are many external factors that affect our health:

  • weather conditions
  • environment
  • our surroundings, etc.

Of course, we cannot influence all these, but there are many factors we can control.

Recall that health includes not only the physical but also the mental state of the body. 

And here are some of the healthiest things you can do.

Start with a massage. Every night after a hard day’s work, a massage is an amazing relaxation and health benefit.

Plenty of massagers for feet, back, lower back, head, neck, and even massage chairs. It doesn’t require much effort, you just turn on the massager, lie down and enjoy it. And it’s not just pleasant, it speeds up the movement of blood through the body, relaxes and relieves muscle tension, and has an extremely beneficial effect.

Get outdoors more often. Fresh air – the best mood enhancer. Guess the weather.

Be sure to do sports. This hardens the body, makes us stronger, more resilient, and, finally, more beautiful.

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