Here’s Why English Cream Golden Retrievers Are So Popular

Retrievers have always been an incredibly popular breed with people. They are naturally sweet and intelligent dogs with much to offer their cohabitants. These dogs have had a wide variety of careers since their initial breeding. As the name denotes, Golden Retrievers were bred to be hunting companions and retrieve fallen game for their owners. In more recent years, the English Cream Golden Retriever has been bred to bring out the best qualities of a retriever, from their intellect to their temperament. 

Here’s Why English Cream Golden Retrievers Are So Popular

Unlike American Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers are more reserved. The American counterpart is known for its excited personality and playful nature. Both dogs are highly intelligent and make wonderful family and service animals; however, the English Cream Golden Retriever has quickly become a crowd favorite. They have gained popularity due to their many desirable traits and attributes. Below are some basic characteristics and reasons why these dogs are so popular; trust that there is much more to love when you consider adding a furry companion. 

Personality Of English Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are well known for their easy-going and friendly personality, and English Cream Golden Retrievers are very similar. English Cream Golden Retrievers are usually less energetic than their American counterparts, although they remain lovable and playful. Expect fewer zoomies from an English Cream Golden Retriever but the same friendliness and devoted personality. This makes them more suitable for skilled training.  

Intellect and Training

English Cream Golden Retrievers are known for their intellect and obedience. In addition to being good family dogs, they are easily trained. English Cream Golden Retrievers make excellent family companions, service dogs, emotional support animals, and excellent retrievers when hunting games. The popularity of this breed exists partially because the English Cream Golden Retriever has such a versatile range of career options, depending on the method of training that you choose

Overall Temperament 

Golden retrievers were bred for their temperament. These dogs are bred to be people-pleasers and respond well to training. They enjoy relaxed family and working lifestyles such as being service animal. This dog will quickly become a part of your family, as they are affectionate and easily socialized. This willingness to please and easy-going nature make them perfect companions for families with small children, the elderly, and the disabled, as they are protective and loving. 

Find Your Family Friend

For a family-friendly pet, English Cream Golden Retriever might as well be at the top of the list. With endearing qualities and high levels of intellect, they are suited for family life and various careers. These dogs enjoy bonding with people and are easily socialized with other dogs. If you are looking for an intelligent family member or a supportive and dutiful friend, the English Cream Golden Retriever easily fits the description. Expect happy memories as you raise your pup and marvel at the incredible dog that they grow to become. 

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