Autistic children struggle with communication and social interactions. After an autism diagnosis, many parents also struggle to learn the information needed to help their children thrive.

According to your child’s developmental level, it can be difficult to figure out even daily answers such as how they feel or what they would like to eat.

Tips to Communicate With Autistic Children

When communication becomes a struggle, it can be hard on everyone involved. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing some communication and interaction tips to help you communicate with an autistic child. These tips work well for anyone in your child’s life such as grandparents and teachers.

The primary thing to keep in mind is to be patient. While the situation may become frustrating for you. image not being psychically capable of expressing your wants and needs.

Take the Time to Talk

When it comes to improving communication with an autistic child, they need ample opportunities to learn. While your child may not be able to verbal express themselves, they do want to communicate with you. Make sure to take the time to talk with them, every chance you can.

During conversations, be sure to take pauses in the moments that they would typically respond. Make sure though not to try to force communication during times of distress.

When Autistic Kids Don’t Pay Attention

Sometimes it’s harder for autistic kids to focus for more extended periods, and you end up losing their attention. Here are some quick tips on how to get them to cooperate longer:

  • Remember to call them by their name at the beginning of a conversation, so they understand you are speaking with them. Doing this helps establish a connection from the very start of your activity. It also enhances your chances of having a meaningful result.
  • When looking to engage with them, make sure you explore one of the kid’s favorite interests. For example, it can be a favorite toy or character. Engaging in their interests will help to continue a conversation longer.

When Autistic Children Struggle to Comprehend What is Being Said

At times, autistic children struggle to process too much information at one time. This leads to sensory overload and will prevent them from being able to communicate.

There are a few things you can do to help in these situations:

  • Keep the non-verbal communication at a minimum level. For example, do not force or provide direct eye contact if you notice it is causing angst or anxiety,
  • PECs boards and pictures are a great way to help when verbal communication is not possible.
  • If your child is young, providing educational toys for toddlers as a distraction is a good wat to help them calm. For older children, sensory tools are also a great option.
  • Another tip for better communicating with Autistic children is to pause between words. Do this if you notice they need some time to find a response.

Non-Verbal Communication With Autistic Kids

Sometimes autistic kids have a delay in verbal language. For many autistic children, anxiety is a common comorbid disorder that can lead to situational mutism. Situational autism (also known as selective mutism) is an anxiety disorder in which a person normally capable of speech cannot speak in specific situations or to specific people if triggered. 

No matter the cause, there are are other methods to establish a channel of communication. Just because a child is non-verbal, it does not mean that they have nothing to say. Here are just a few ways to help an non verbal autistic child communicate.

  • Low Tech Items such as dry erase boards, pictures, and visual schedules
  • High Tech items Computers, Tablets, and other Tech-Based assistive technology.


There is nothing more satisfying than when you can help another human being, no matter how big or small the gesture is. So, the pleasure is even more significant when we can do it efficiently and see progress daily in our autistic kids. It will make a substantial difference in your results, and we hope you have the same success the other parents had.

What are your most effective methods of improving your communication with autistic kids? Feel free to share your stories in the comments and interact with others.

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