Are you looking for the best toys for children with autism? Check out our comprehensive lists of toys that will both excite & be educational. #autismparenting #parentingautism #autismawareness #autismacceptance #asd #parenting

If you have a child that has autism, then you already understand the challenges that come along with it. You also understand that even though your child may seem different in many ways from other kids, at the end of the day, they are still a child like any other. They are unique, that is all, and an exceptional child needs special care with even more wonderful treatment and love. We love to see the look on any child’s face when they see a brand new toy handed to them. And for children with autism, being able to have toys that help them learn, keeps their attention and sometimes even calms them and has them feeling happy, is something beautiful.

The Greatest Toys For Children With Autism

This fact is why we’re going to go over a list of the greatest, most amazing toys for children with autism.

Are you looking for the best toys for children with autism?  Check out our comprehensive lists of toys that will both excite & be educational. #autismparenting #parentingautism #autismawareness #autismacceptance #asd #parenting


Puzzles are great for children with autism. And this can apply to any age, from the time they are babies well into their teens. Puzzles help them to focus and draws them into dealing with a problem-solving mindset, which can be soothing for many autistic individuals. There are a couple of different styles of puzzles that you can get for your child. These include:

Child Playing with Latches Board

Sensory toys

These are also great toys that work for children of all ages with autism. Tapping into specific senses helps a great deal in guiding the kids to learn and to focus.

  • Many autistic children tend to turn to chewing or even fidgeting at times. Sensory chew toys for children with autism are a great option. They are made for chewing and can be worn on their wrists or around their necks.
  • Toys similar to the function of the Rubik’s cube are available for the younger children. These cubes are very useful if your child tends to fidget a lot. They can satisfy their need to touch something while activating sounds or a particular texture, and this helps them learn as they fidget.
  • Playing with textures is both relaxing and encourage new sensory integrations. There are ton of these types of toys on the market now. Playdoh is a classic choice while Gelli Worlds offer a completely different texture. Toys that vibrate such as the Cuddlebot also offer amazing sensory input.
  • There are plenty of sensory books available that focus on sensory needs. They have different materials and textures within the illustrations of the book so that even a child with autism may have their attention grabbed and have a more fruitful learning experience as they read.
  • Visual stimulation plays a huge role in calming children that have autism. You should have a couple of items that can grab their attention. There are lava lamps made, especially for kids, and this is something that may be soothing for them to hold, play with, and watch. Bubble tubes and sensory lights are great resources as well. You may also want to consider digital interactive games and virtual reality as well.
Child playing with Dinosour Gelli Worlds

Physical activity toys

Kids with autism need to stay active. There is a wide variety of toys for kids of different ages that are safe as well as fun to use. These include:

  • Balance boards: teaching your child how to balance is a great skill, especially for autistic children as it requires concentration the whole time. These are a ton of fun for them as well, because it’s pretty much like skateboarding or surfing, but without the risk of getting hurt.
  • 4 Wheelers: This is a great way to help your autistic child have a sense of freedom. Have a sibling or a friend ride with them on an electric four-wheeler and take them for a spin! Have a look at electric 4-wheelers review at Kids ATV Sale to understand the specs of different four-wheelers, as well as the various safety measures you can take, such as a helmet and padding for the elbows and knees.
  • Hopper balls: These giant inflatable balls with handles are a ton of fun and will help your kid exert all of that pent up energy. The great thing about this toy is that you can take it with you anywhere you go, and can even be played with inside the house.
  • Coordination toys: There are physical games such as twister, and some that are simpler but are similar in concept. These kinds of games allow your autistic child to become better at coordinating their movements with their thoughts using visual stimulation.
Wooden Curved Balance Board

Educational toys

We cannot speak of the greatest children’s toys without paying homage to educational toys, especially with it comes to children with autism. From board games to electronic gadgets, the educational option has grown leaps and bounds.

  • Board games: Board games are an excellent way for your child to bond with the rest of the family, which learning as well. Games such as Pictionary allow the child to express artistically how they view certain words. Other board games focus on expressing emotions, social skills, doing math problems, and the list goes on.
  • DIY Toys: there are many arts and crafts toys available these days that are easy to make, and also a ton of fun. These kinds of toys will teach your child that they can make things and that it’s okay to do it the way they want in terms of creativity. DIY sensory bottles and DIY squish bags are both fun and soothing.
  • Video games: you may be opposed to this idea, but there are a lot of computer games available these days that encourage children to learn in the most ingenious and exciting ways. The Mightier Game System teaches children with autism and ADHD emotional regulation skills. It will keep your child’s mind active, and they’ll be having fun too, giving them a chance for some downtime as they learn.
Child Playing Mightier App

The Greatest Toys For Children With Autism

All children are unique to us, just as children with autism are. The only difference is that perhaps the way we approach tasks in life may differ a bit, and we may have to get creative to get an autistic child’s attention to learn and grow. Because of this, is why you must continue to explore the options out there with toys and learning tools alike. They will help your child to have fun, focus, and bond with you and your loved ones, all while feeling as though they have learned something new.

Are you looking for the best toys for children with autism?  Check out our comprehensive lists of toys that will both excite & be educational. #autismparenting #parentingautism #autismawareness #autismacceptance #asd #parenting
Are you looking for the best toys for children with autism?  Check out our comprehensive lists of toys that will both excite & be educational. #autismparenting #parentingautism #autismawareness #autismacceptance #asd #parenting

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