Are you looking for a fun family vacation destination? Have you considered the UK as an option? There’s a lot to love about the various countries that make up the United Kingdom, and they have their own personalities. It’s a waste to head straight to London and set up camp. We’ve got many great ideas for a good vacation in the UK. 

Family Holiday Destinations in The UK Worth Exploring

Are you looking for a fun family vacation destination Ever considered the UK as an option Let's look at Family Holiday Destinations in The UK Worth Exploring

A music festival, anywhere.

The best thing about Brits is that we come out the second the sun is out. And that results in a lot of music festivals all over the country. Even if it isn’t the two days that we get a heatwave a year, or maybe thankfully it’s not, there is bound to be a music festival somewhere. 

And they’re not like T in the Park. A lot of these music festivals can be great experiences for kids, not least because there are usually a lot of activities to get the kids involved. Head to a field, watch local bands, chill in the fields, eat street food from caravans, and experience a fun and relaxing long weekend of music.

Festivals can be taxing the older you get but perhaps more so if you are planning to travel to one with a pre-existing medical condition. In such a case, it may be worth looking into a medical travel insurance policy to cover anything wrong before you set off. The UK is a great country, but many things can still go wrong. Your bags can still go missing, your purse can still get stolen, and you can still get ill or injured on the road. Take a look at travel insurance to be prepared.

Brighton, England

There’s nothing like the beach and nothing like a British beach trip. Brighton has its brand of charm that can’t be argued with. It’s a place stuck in time, for one thing, with its pre-war carousels and lights that haven’t changed in decades. Something is endearing about taking your kids on the same holiday you had as a child.

Take strolls on the beach with a stick of rock or venture into the city to enjoy the local festivities. Brighton is full of cafes, restaurants, and bars to enjoy when it’s too cold to sit on the beach anymore. 

The North Coast 500, Scotland

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always go for a few of them. The North Coast 500 is 500 miles traveling to Scotland’s most scenic spots. And there’s nothing to stop you from adapting it as you wish. Hop on and off islands, skip the parts that don’t appeal to you, and add spots that do.

This road trip is a great way to let the whole family see the highlights of the highlands. Highlights like the Fairy Pools, castles, sea otters, and some of the best scotch whisky you could enjoy while the kids are in bed. 

The middle of nowhere, anywhere

The possibilities are endless when it comes to vacationing in the UK. Because, frankly, you could drive 20 minutes in any direction from a major city or town and find somewhere to explore.

Caravan parks dotted all over the country nicely take advantage of our fair rural countryside. Or even better, you can pack a tent and some sleeping bags and teach your kids to get back to nature.

If you want to give your kids something to brag about on the playground, you can look at the various tabs on Airbnb to see what is out there. And there is a lot out there. There are fully functioning tree houses, log cabins, landed air jets, and plenty of other whacky accommodation options. Imagine telling your friends that you got to stay in a treehouse-like Tarzan.

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