Expressions from Hallmark Greeting Cards at Dollar Tree!

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When it comes to birthdays supplies, holidays, crafts, and mores, Dollar Tree is my go to store.  So I was so ecstatic when I heard they were bringing Expression from Hallmark Greeting cards to Dollar tree for just $1 each!

On August 30th, every one of Dollar Tree’s over 6,500 stores nationwide will carry Expressions from Hallmark.  These are going to be in addition to the Heartline a Hallmark Company greetings cards that are 2 for $1.

I got a chance to check out the awesome cards, and the selection is huge! These weren’t just generic cards either.  There was such a huge selection of Disney, Star Wars, Spiderman cards along with the high quality you’ve come to know from Hallmark.

From birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and every event in between, Expressions from Hallmark has you covered! With hundreds of new greeting cards to choose from, you can celebrate every moment with your friends and family without breaking the bank!

Even More Cards!

In additions to the Expressions from Hallmark, these great cards will be available at select locations:

  • Mahogany: Mahogany enhances emotional connections among family, friends, and the community, and celebrates what is most beloved about Black culture.
  • VidaVIDA expresses the voice of Latinos across generations, bringing them closer together to celebrate life’s special moments.
  • Tree Of LifeTree of Life brings Jewish family and friends together to celebrate their faith and culture by honoring meaningful holidays and milestones.
  • Joyfully Yours: Joyfully Yours lets family and friends express their faith in just the right way during holidays, special occasions, and moments big and small.

Expressions from Hallmark Greeting Cards at Dollar Tree!

Head on over to your local Dollar Tree or Online to pick your own Expressions from Hallmark Greeting Cards!

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