EnviroKlenz Natural Odor Eliminator Review All natural products that eliminate odor and chemical pollutants in your home

Having four children means having a ton of odors!   It never ceases to amaze me just how much smell these kids can create!  Little man’s diapers are a huge cause of those smells these days.  Since we discovered little man’s skin sensitivities, we have been switching over to a lot of greener products.  This started with foods, and we are working our way into our cleaning products.  So when I discovered EnviroKlenz and their whole house line of products, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

What is EnviroKlenz?

“Here at Enviroklenz, our technology uses all natural earth minerals in our products, and is non-toxic, non-polluting, and our products are proven to be extremely safe by top labs around the world. We have a diversified line of odor eliminating products that utilize our patented technology. Whether it is personal air quality, household odors, or pet smells, we believe that people should be able to choose safe, reliable products that they can be confident in and that will solve their problems.” – Daniel Benson, EnviroKlenz

How Does this apply in my life?

The first product I tried was their hand soap.  The size of the bottle appeared quite small, but man does a little go a long way!  I put this little bottle to the test, and I can say I am very impressed.  In any given day, I will have done something that makes my hands stink.  Here is the list of stinky smells it has removed from my hands in the last week: Gasoline, Garlic, Onions, and Poop (he’s two).

That’s right, poop. Little man has autism, so potty training hasn’t been that successful.  Though he won’t go on the toilet, he hates having his diaper changed.  So, unfortunately many diaper changes are seriously gross for momma!  Out of all the gross smells, this one has to be the worst. Even as I write this post, he’s standing next to me making a diaper I know I am going to dread!  I am so thankful for Enviroklenz’s hand soap right now! (oh, and that it is Dad’s day off from work…lol!)

EnviroKlenz Natural Odor Eliminator Review All natural products that eliminate odor and chemical pollutants in your home

What products do they have?

The answer to that is every thing that can make your home not stink!  Seriously though,  they have a wide array of products that are great for the home.  There is a product for every room in your home. They have their Everyday odor eliminator which is made for carpet, upholstery, and even wood floors.   The Absorbent Neutralizer is amazing for any stinky spill.  They have products for your laundry and even a mobile HEPA Air Purifier.  

Is it costly?

Surprisingly, it cost no more than many products from the supermarket!  To top it all off, as a loyal reader of The Mom Kind you get a discount!

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