If you are a parent, your life must revolve around your children, and you want nothing but the best for them. With that being said, safety is the first thing that comes when it is about your little one, and it is okay if you get paranoid sometimes when it comes to their safety. You want nothing but for them to be safe and happy. 

One of the hazards for kids is electricity or electrical/electronic appliances. Surely, kids and electricity don’t go hand-in-hand because of safety measures, and it is understandable. Children are curious about everything as they must have just started to explore the world around them, but not everything is good for them, and electric appliances are one of those things. 

Electric Basics You Should Know About With Kids Around

However, if you are wondering how you can be more cautious with any electric thing conserving your kid, then worry not because here are some tips for you. 

Even if you are not a parent and it just so happens that there’s a child in your house and concerned about their safety against electric appliances, below are a few tips that will help keep the kid safe from getting any shock or harm from electricity

Switch Off

We always talk about switching off the appliances when not used to conserve electricity but switching off is always recommended to people who live with kids. Nor that it will save you a few bucks with electricity bills and help keep your child safe.

Children are curious and always tend to touch or eat the things that come in their sight and reach. But if a kid touches or puts their mouth on any electrical appliance that is on then, there are chances of getting electric shock.

It is about electric shock, but the electrical appliances that come with heating effects can burn their skin like a straightening machine, toaster, heater, etc. So, it is always advised to switch off the appliances if you have a kid with you. 


If you have any socket, switch, appliance, or plug damaged, don’t wait for anything and get it repaired immediately. Any damaged electrical appliance is the potential source of getting shocked, and in worst cases, the appliance can get badly damaged and cause an electric spark leading to a fire. So, make sure any damage to any electrical appliances is being taken care of in time.

If the sockets or plug-ins are being damaged, repair it as there are chances of electric shock, fire, or further damage to the device if you plug it into the socket. If a child puts their finger into the damaged socket hole, there are more chances of getting an electric shock.

Never leave any wire or cord worn out. Always tend it before things can go the wrong way. Your child can touch the worn-out part of the wire and can get an electric shock. 

Cover the Sockets

Children are often seen putting their fingers into the socket hole, and they can get an electric shock. And what makes it more dangerous is that kids tend to drool or put their fingers in their mouth that makes their fingers wet with their saliva, and as water makes it easy for electricity to travel, your child might get electric shock easily.

So, to avoid any mishap, it is suggested to cover the sockets if you have a child living with you. You can either put a shield around it with the help of a professional or put non-conducting tape over the socket or holes.

Out of Reach

Living with a kid is a big task that can make you exhausted by the end of the day. You might not want to re-arrange the things properly or put them into their preferred place but for the sake of your child’s safety, never leave things where they are not to be, i.e., never leave them where the kid can easily reach.


Always put the electrical appliances out of reach from your little one. The kid can get an electric shock or burn themselves if they reach out to any electrical heating appliance.

Making Your House Child Proof

The best way to ensure your child’s safety regarding electric hazards is to make your house childproof. Of course, you won’t always be available or paying attention to your kid while they play, so to avoid any danger, it is better to take help from professionals and get your house childproof.

Few tips on how to childproof your house:

  • Keep the cords or wires under the furniture or carpet. You can also permanently cover the wire lines or chords with the help of hiding cord devices.
  • If you have a solar energy system at your home then get it covered and secure with PV safety products. 
  • Get the sockets replaced from a lower level (i.e., closer to the ground) to a good height where your kid can’t reach it.
  • Get the sockets covered by building a shield around the socket or mainline fuse.


Who said parenting is an easy job? Well, it is one of the most challenging jobs in the world? So, why take any chance for your child’s safety and avoid any risks to them or their health. Get all the safety and security done by professionals.   

Children can be naughty or unreasonable sometimes, but they are just children still learning about the world around them. Let them explore and keep them safe by applying the tips mentioned above.

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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