Air pollution is widely acknowledged as a critical cause of disease and early mortality and is the most significant environmental risk factor. Inadequate ventilation can boost indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough outside air to dilute emissions from internal sources and not transferring indoor air pollutants out of the residence. The health and atmospheric sciences have advanced significantly in the last two decades, making it possible to estimate the number of deaths caused by air pollution. 

Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Your Health

Indoor pollution sources that release gases into the air are the most common cause of poor indoor air quality in dwellings, and high temperatures can also increase pollutant concentrations. Using quality HVAC air filters from Custom Filters Direct is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality.

Pollution is defined as contaminants that have been linked to a wide range of health impacts in studies and to which the general public is constantly exposed. Ozone and NO2 are examples of these contaminants. 

What are the Effects of Indoor Air Pollution?

For various reasons, the consequences of indoor air pollution on human health are noteworthy:

  • Those most vulnerable to the adverse effects of pollution spend even more time indoors.
  • Due to factors such as energy-efficient building design, indoor concentrations of various pollutants have grown in recent decades. 

Demographic air pollution exposure 

Local, national, and international sources all contribute to these pollutants in the air, both directly and indirectly. Inhalation exposure can occur as a result of inhaling polluted air. Information on the quantities of pollutants in the air is needed to estimate exposure through inhalation, so inhalation rates and body weights may be required to compute an inhaled dosage.

At meager quantities of these contaminants, there is strong scientific evidence of health impacts. To put it another way, each incremental rise in air pollutant concentration is linked to a higher likelihood of adverse health consequences. 

Costs related to air pollution 

The cost of Illness figure combines the expenditures of air pollution-related hospital admissions but not the value that individuals place on the pain and suffering resulting from the incidence. Furthermore, population-level exposures are computed using high-resolution global NO2 and ozone concentration data. 

Health effects associated with indoor air pollutants include:

Certain diseases, such as asthma, have been related to or worsened by specific interior conditions. BRIs like Legionnaires Disease is caused by bacteria that can infect a building’s air conditioning system. Other health issues linked to air pollution include the following: 

  • Eye irritation and throat discomfort.
  • Fatigue and headaches.
  • Cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses.
  • Short-term exposure to high carbon monoxide levels in an enclosed environment can be fatal.
  • Legionnaires’ disease exposure has been linked to buildings with inadequately maintained air conditioning or heating systems. 

Although certain pollutants have been linked to adverse health impacts, indoor air quality concerns are still developing. Various indoor air properties are increasingly being blamed for these illnesses. 


Other indoor air quality concerns were unable to create indicators for various reasons. There is no countrywide monitoring network. Instead, the government may provide information and statistics on these topics.

To lower their carbon footprint, “green building” attempts to produce ecologically responsible and resource-efficient structures. Using more fuel-efficient vehicles or electric vehicles that do not use fossil fuels can reduce the pollution we emit into the atmosphere. Monitoring air pollution levels has become critical for detecting pollution peaks and improving air quality.

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