Art isn’t for just the most creative! There are tons of art projects out there for anyone to be able to do. If you are looking for easy art for non artist, you’ve come to the right place!

Being gifted in art is something a lot of people find useful. They get to create things for aesthetics, and they can make everything beautiful around them. Everyone has an inclination towards art, but unfortunately, some are not born to be an artsy person — or at least, some people are not able to make art the way conventional standards dictate.

Easy Art for Non-Artists – Art Projects for Anyone!

No matter the case, anyone can still find something artistic they can do despite not being able to do it the traditional way.  Art therapy has so many benefits, and can easily be accomplished at home no matter what level artist you are!

Arts and Crafts Hacks

Hacking your way through making art is easy, given the many references you find all over the internet. For example, you can use old crayons lying around and melt them with a hairdryer or candle.

Using this method, you can splash them on paper or any surfaces, including vases, boxes, and even cabinets. The combination of the different color splashes will create a colorful abstract that will surely look like the work of an artist.

Another is soaking a string in watercolor or paint, then swirling it in between sheets of papers before pulling strings out. Doing this will create a flower-like image that can be used for making cards or paper decoration.

If you want to recycle cans and bottles, you can spray them with paint first, then make colorful stamps by carving them on a potato. You can even use these as organizers and even pots for your indoor plants. This style of easy art for non-artists is perfect for beginners!

Art Kits

An artist who can paint well can produce masterpieces that can be put on display. If you are not so artsy, it might seem that painting is something impossible to achieve. As an alternative, there are art kits that will help you create beautiful images without the need of becoming a painter.

There is a paint by number paintings that provide cues on paper that you would paint on. The outcome is a painting you can hang on a wall. Another popular hobby nowadays is painting kits using gems and stones.

There are plenty of choices to start with, and these designs from are not just for your hobby’s sake but relaxation and de-stressing as well. You can create any design, ranging from landscapes to animals, and even reproduce a classic piece of art. 

Shirt Printing

What better way to become artsy than wearing the pieces you create. Shirt printing is achievable, given the various ideas on how you can design your shirt. Start with the popular tie-dyes by stringing a shirt nicely and soaking it in the hot colored water.

You may also use bleach to draw on colored shirts. Cutting patterns on paper, and laying them on a shirt as you spray paint on it will create a design that is good enough to wear. 

Easy Art for Non-Artists

There are a lot of different ways to bring out the creativity in you, even though you are not a conventional artsy. All it takes is effort and willingness to try it out. After all, the beauty of art is in the eyes of its creator. 

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