Looking for the perfect costume for Halloween? Check out these 5 Spooktacular DIY Costumes for Kids that are perfect for the creative family!

5 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Ask virtually any American and they’ll tell you: Halloween is a big deal. In fact, according to the Halloween Industry Association, Americans will spend a staggering $9.1 billion on Halloween accouterments this year, $3.4 billion of which will be spent on decorations alone. So it’s no wonder families are looking for DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids.

For many families, the shocking cost of Halloween costumes, the lack of closet space most families have to keep a decade’s worth of costumes on hand in case someone wants to reuse one, and kids’ desire to have a totally unique costume (sorry to say that Target doesn’t carry a T-Rex/Deadpool hybrid), many parents decide to DIY.  So, if you’re looking to make your own Halloween costume this year, try out these easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids.

5 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Looking for the perfect costume for Halloween? Check out these 5 Spooktacular DIY Costumes for Kids that are perfect for the creative family!


Want to dress your kid up as their favorite treat? This cookie costume is as easy to make as it is inexpensive. Just cut two large circles out of a tan bed sheet and glue their edges together with fabric glue, leaving a six-inch opening at the top. Turn the sheets inside out, fill with poly-fill stuffing, and secure the opening with fabric glue.

Next, cut out some chocolate-chip-shaped pieces out of black felt and glue them to the front of the costume. Add two ribbon straps a foot apart at the top of the costume, hot gluing them and adding a few stitches to secure them, and voila! An easy cookie costume for under $10.


Need a cute last-minute costume that won’t break the bank? This unicorn costume fits the bill. Make a horn using construction paper, paint it with craft glue, and roll it in glitter. Allow it to try fully before affixing it to a plastic headband with some hot glue, or, if you’re feeling more ambitious, hole punch two holes at the horn’s base and thread ribbon through it.

Next, make a tail by tying multicolored ribbons together in a single knot at the top and securing them to your child’s colorful outfit with a safety pin. Add some bright makeup or glitter to their face and you’ve got an adorable costume they’re bound to love.

Looking for the perfect costume for Halloween? Check out these 5 Spooktacular DIY Costumes for Kids that are perfect for the creative family!


If you have a kid who loves Halloween but hates wearing traditional costumes, this leopard outfit is easy and comfortable. Simply grab a black sweat suit or one-piece romper and hot glue brown and tan spots on it for an animal-kingdom-inspired look.


One of the easiest costumes out there, turning your kid into a sunflower this Halloween won’t take you more than half an hour. After securing an all-green outfit (a one-piece romper works, as does a turtleneck and leggings combo), cut some petal-shaped pieces out of yellow felt.

Secure them to the length of a piece of sturdy ribbon, tie it around your child’s head, and you’ve got an adorable sunflower.

Gumball machine:

It may take a bit longer than your average DIY, but the adorable factor of a gumball machine costume is well worth it. Take a white shirt ad hot glue multicolored pom poms to cover its surface.

Have your kid put on a red skirt or pair of pants, glue on one piece of square silver fabric or paper near their hip and a trapezoid-shaped one below it, and you’ve got a cute and easy costume that everyone will ooh and aah over.

5 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Whether you’re scrambling to get your kids a costume at the last minute or just can’t bear the thought of paying $60 for an outfit they’ll wear once, DIY costumes are a great alternative to the store-bought variety. Just pick one of these simple costumes to make and you’ll have a happier Halloween in no time.

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