We are constantly going to Target or CVS several times a week!  All that necessary shopping adds up quickly, though!  Saving money is on the top of my list, as it is for most parents.  Thankfully, our friend Candice Schaffer has come up with a list of the top discount cards every mom needs!

The Top Discount Cards Every Mom Needs

Whether you stay at home with your kids or work a high-powered career, odds are, if you’re like most moms, you wouldn’t say no to extra money at the end of the month. Whether you’re heading to Target for a single item and leaving with an overflowing cart, shelling out big bucks for occupational therapy, or paying to maintain your car, those seemingly minor purchases can be majorly expensive in the long run.

If you want to start seeing more zeroes in your bank account, make sure you have these top discount cards every mom needs to have!!

Ways to Save Money The Top Discount Cards Every Mom Needs Target CVS Office Depot Autozone Ulta and other store discount cards that can help save money for busy moms and families

Target RedCard:

The ultimate of all rewards cards, the Target Red card offers 5% back on all purchases made in-store or online.   This discount also includes free shipping for online purchases (which offers even more considerable savings!).  Combine this with their Target App to save up to 75% off your everyday grocery and home shopping!

CVS ExtraCare:

CVS pharmacy chain is one of the biggest providers of coupons and rebates you’ll find anywhere. With a CVS card, you’ll not only get coupons giving you cash off your entire purchase, but you’ll also end up with plenty of product-specific discounts on everything from paper towels to pet food.

Office Depot:

Any mom knows that a home can go through many office supplies in a single year between printing out essays, making poster board projects, and creating Valentine’s Day cards for a class of 100. Fortunately, Office Depot’s rewards card offers 10 percent back on office goods and even gives you points that you can turn into cash rewards for returning your used printer cartridges to the store.


Schlepping kids to school and therapy and lessons and back home again can put plenty of wear and tear on your vehicle. The good news? AutoZone’s rewards card will pay you back for all the cash you shell out on your car, giving you $20 in rewards after your first five purchases over $20.

Petco Pals:

Of course, your human kids aren’t the only family members who need food, clothing, and a warm place to sleep! Fortunately, you can save significant money on everything you buy for your four-legged family members when you sign up for Petco Pals Rewards, which gives you 5% back every time you spend $100. Better yet, Fido or Fifi can get a free treat on their birthday, too.


Who says that moms shouldn’t treat themselves? When you’re in dire need of some pampering, makeup mecca ULTA’s rewards card will get you more bang for your buck. They’ll give you a point for every dollar you spend, opening you up to serious savings on your favorite beauty products.

While parenting can be a costly endeavor, lightening your financial burden may be easier than you think. By signing up for the right discount cards, you’ll have more money saved at the end of the month—it’s never too soon to start that college savings fund, after all!

There Ya Go!

When it comes to saving money, these top discount cards every mom needs are the way to go!  Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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