Cognitive ability is heavily damaged when the brain is affected by dementia. There are some ways through which we can delay the process of further damage, and exercise is one such. Memory plays a tricky role in our life, and dementia gradually ruins it. So, as per extensive research, doctors have suggested exercises for a healthy time ahead for dementia patients.

Physical exercises are so practical that they can prevent dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is another issue that has proven benefits from exercise simultaneously. Now we will see what exercises dementia patients need and how they impact.

Dementia and Physical Exercise: The Equation 

Since dementia is all about damaged parts of brain cells, people who suffer from it forget things partially or fully. For example, they might not recognize any relatives or even their family members because the memory of that person is completely erased from their mind. That is the unfortunate thing they have to deal with, but this is pretty subjective as there are various stages of dementia. 

The thing is, dementia patients need to do some activity that helps them retain their memory as long as they can. Like, listening to old music, cooking together, and taking a stroll in the evening, all these are some kinds of activities that will keep them busy. This will encourage them as they won’t feel bored and alienated. 

The primary thing we will discuss is the effects of dementia and physical exercise, and the positive impacts it has on the human mind.

The primary thing we will discuss is the effects of dementia and physical exercise, and the positive impacts it has on the human mind.

Memory Improvement 

The problem with dementia is that it takes away a lot of memories from the brain. Correct and suitable physical exercise helps them keep some memories intact, like muscle memory. 


This is a natural thing for everyone; physical exercise keeps everybody fit. But not all people can do all the exercises, so it is better to ask the doctor and follow a fitness regime based on the patient’s age, weight, and requirements. 

Better Sleep 

The fitness regime will make the brain rest well. It has to be regular, so the body responds to this. Better sleep means there is a significant chance of improvement. Better sleep relaxes your body, and the brain can perform better the next day. However, expecting a miracle overnight isn’t possible.

Mood Enhancement

Many patients have low mood, violent, and rude behavior at times. Regular exercise improves their mood, and such behaviors often get better with time. There should be a routine for the exercise. 

These are the most typical four aspects we have discussed, but there are also many other benefits like improved social skills, delays of further memory decay, and so on. 

Now, the question is how to execute the exercises? Simple, the exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous. From morning walks to simple yoga, some free hand exercises, to basic stretching, all can be helpful. You can teach them how to do such exercises, and that will also enhance their learning abilities.

You must be patient enough to show all the steps because their cognitive skill is a bit compromised. Also, the entire day’s routine is vital for dementia patients. Whatever they do throughout the day creates a lot of effects on them. 

The most important thing is that every patient is different from the other, and there shouldn’t be any comparison. Moreover, patients’ age and physical condition are also not the same. All these are considered before making them exercise. 

Dementia and Physical Exercise

There are some negative opinions believing that exercise can harm dementia patients. But most research has been positive, and they all believe that exercise can induce recovery from dementia. However, recovery doesn’t mean complete healing here. It is to maintain good mental health for as long as possible.

Many clinical conditions require special medical attention, and dementia is also one of them. Last but not least: a healthy quotient of physical exercise would keep all dementia patients in a stable condition if suggested by a doctor.

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