how to create a princess themed bedroom

Kids perceive colors differently from adults. While adults may be more interested in neutral shades, kids find brighter and bolder colors exciting.

This is why you see many parents choosing pinks and blues to decorate their kid’s bedrooms. Nevertheless, you can opt to go beyond traditional stereotypes pink being meant for girls and blue being meant for boys.

Each child has their own preferences. You want to keep that in mind when decorating a room that they will spend all of a lot of their time in.  If you are going to go for the Princess theme, you want to go for pinks and purples. Colors aren’t the only thing that make a room princess worthy though.

Check out these 5 fun tips to paint create a princess style room for your child.

5 Tips to Create a Princess Style Room for Your Child

by Davis Miller

Complement the pink with some other colors

Princess themes are often associated with Disney Princesses. If you are going this route, pink is typically included in the color palate. For a simple solution, you can paint all four walls pink and adding some wall hangings.

You can do better by complementing the pink with your other daughter’s favorite colors such as purple, lavender and lilac.  Other great options to choose are light blues, or designing the room around different princesses like Tiana from Princess & The Frog or Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

If you want to do something extra, try adding some contrasting colors for the molding and the trim.  This can add that extra pop that really makes the room princess worthy!

Add a wall mural

Once you’re done with the painting, you can add some more life into the bedroom by painting a wall mural of your daughter’s favorite Disney characters.  You could also paint a theme from a movie, or even use peel and stick wall decor like these adorable and affordable options.

Get a stencil design

If painting a wall mural is a tough task for you, then consider using a stencil design on the wall or just above your daughter’s bed.  There are a ton of options, and it really give the room a cool design.

Better yet, you can replace the traditional headboard with a carefully designed stencil associated with her interests. If painting is not your thing, make sure you find professional and experienced painters to do the work for you. Keep in mind that it will take you sometime before changing the concept meaning it should be perfect.

Add some glitter

As mentioned above, kids love bright colors.  Glitter takes the Princess theme a step further. Adding glitter is very easy to do and doesn’t  require professional help.

All you need to do is buy a glitter topcoat like this one on Amazon.  After painting your dry theme color,  apply the topcoat and wait for it to dry. T he result is a shining excellent princess themed room that we are sure your child will enjoy.

Avoid Dark Colors

When trying to create a princess style room for your child, you want to avoid dark colors.  The idea is to create a light, and whimsical environment.  This means avoiding dark colors such as blacks and dark reds

Creating a Princess Style Room for Your Child

We hope you enjoyed these 5 tips to create a princess style room for you child.  These tips will help you create that perfect whimsical room your little one will enjoy for several years.

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  1. I love the wall mural idea! That’s what we did in my son’s room. We painted all the walls blue. Then we invited over our artist friend who then painted the Arkham city skyline with black buildings and yellow windows, along with the light on top showing the Batman symbol. He absolutely loves it!

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