Thank you UBTECH’s JIMU Robot for sponsoring this post. JIMU Robot kits are a fun way to bring robotics into every kid’s day to day. The system relies on three steps: Building, Coding, and Playing. Robot kits from UBTECH offer a wide variety of challenging builds for the curious children in your lives. With JIMU Robot, kids 8+ can engage in STEM learning with their award-winning interactive robotic building block system!

One thing I have always encouraged my children to be involved in is STEM activities. STEM learning activities develop Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills.  All these skills are ever more crucial in our technology-oriented world. That is why I love that JIMU Robot kits help introduce children to the fundamental STEM concepts in a way that’s creative and fun

JIMU Robot kits are an encompassing, exciting line of robots that kid ages 8+ that not only encourage play but also teach children to build and code. Each kit comes with a free app to help with building, coding, activities and playing with the robot.

Create Magic with the JIMU Robot ChampBot Kit by UBTECH Robotics

Our children were very excited to receive the ChampBot, especially our youngest daughter.  She currently attends a coding club after school and is learning code in computer class this year.  So, for her to get the opportunity to build such an awesome robot was more than exciting for her!

For kids like our daughter who are interested in learning about competitive robotics, the new ChampBot Kit would be a perfect fit! It is the first offering in a new JIMU series from UBTECH!

So Many Choices!

The ChampBot Kit includes the option to build one of three different characters: ChampBot, BasketBot, or ScoreBot. All options offer hours of play through various characters, actions, and challenges within the app.  Kids are not limited to just the robots on the packaging, either. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building! JIMU encourages children to create and build their robot creations.

JIMU Robot kits also come in different series to appeal to all types of interests from mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns to sports-themed competitive robots. So even if your child isn’t into the ChampBot, they are guaranteed to fall in love with one of the many kits available!

Building our JIMU ChampBot Robot

The fun begins when you download the free JIMU app with step-by-step, 360° instructions to build your robot. I love the fact that the instructions in the app-enabled us to rotate on screen, to make sure we had things in the right place!  Making the instructions visual like this also helped our children so much!

You can download the iOS version here (iOS 9.0 or higher required) or the Android version here (Android 5.0 “Lollipop” or higher required). The playability continues with the ability to drive, code, and play with the robots through the app for hours of fun. You can watch a video overview of the JIMU app here.

Creative Play with the Family

Since there are lots of steps for building the robot, we found that making our ChampBot was a fantastic family night activity!  Even my husband got in on the robot building action! Since our children are autistic, they sometimes get overwhelmed with lengthy activities.  So, it was great to be able to tag-team the building process, so everyone got the chance to enjoy the experience!

After building your robots, your child can control, code, and play with their robots all through our free JIMU app.  When it came down to coding our ChampBot, our youngest daughter (who is 11) took care of all of it! She was so excited to show me what she had learned from school while learning new codes with JIMU. 

We had such a blast trying to shoot hoops into the basket provided.  I loved that they encouraged the use of the box to create more fun with your robot.  We also took turns knocking over the characters. Our daughter decided the first to knock over three would win.  Not surprisingly, she won that game!

Where to get your JIMU Robot

To get your ChampBot, you can head in-store to select Target Retail locations and BJ’s Wholesale Club.  If you prefer online shopping (perfect for the holidays!), you can get your JIMU Robot Kit at any of the following websites:,,,,, and

JIMU Robot kids are great activities for both girls and boys age eight and up to build, code, and engage with real robots. It’s the perfect way to introduce or extend their knowledge of STEM learning while having tons of rewarding play! We hope you and your children fall in love with building, coding, and playing with your JIMU Robot!

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