It’s back to school time around the country. Some parents are happy to have their kids out of the house, furthering their education, and making friends. 

But some of us know the cold-hard reality of kids being at school: homework. 

Yes, homework is something that parents dread almost as much as their kids and teens (just what is the Phytahogrean theorem again?). One of the biggest problems with after-school studies is getting your kids — especially the young ones — to do the work in the first place. 

Instead of the kitchen table, think about creating a designated homework space for kids to give them a sense of independence & responsibility #parentingtips #homework #backtoschool

How to Create a Homework Space for Your Kids

By Candice Schaffer of NEMA Chicago90 Morton,888 at Grand Hope ParkCobalt Lofts, One Manhattan Square, Urbana Properties  

What’s the best way to keep your younger children actively engaged with their school work at home? Setting up a place that’s just for them to complete it. 

Instead of the kitchen table, think about creating a designated homework space for kids to give them a sense of independence and responsibility. Not to mention the sense of “maturity” they’ll feel with their adult-style place to study. 

Here are the best ways to create a homework space for your kids. 

Where to Set Up the Homework Space? 

As with most things in design and life, location is everything. You’ll want this workspace to be in a spot that’s well lit, so young eyes don’t get irritated. Place the homework space in a location that gives the illusion of privacy. Your kids will want to feel like they’re doing the work on their own, but you’ll want to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re focused. And remember thanks to technology in education these days, the area should be close to electrical outlets and wifi. 

What Do I Use as a Desk?

Here’s where the fun part comes in: design. Unlike adults, kids aren’t too picky when it comes to the materials you use to make the desk so spend as little or as much as you’d like on the bones of the desk or table you’re converting into a homework space. We’ve seen reused crates, old school desks, even a converted closet used for this purpose. Just make sure there is enough room for the supplies they’ll need. 

How do I Decorate the Kid’s Homework Space? 

One thing that kids are picky about will be the decoration of the space. Perhaps you’re blessed with a burgeoning minimalist, and this part will be a monochromatic study in modern interior design. If not, think bright colors. Maybe they have a favorite sports team you can use the colors of in the design. Use chalk paint to make the area customizable for your kids.  A fun way to add personality is to use contact paper on the work surface — it’s changeable and allows for messes to be easily cleaned. 

Where Should I Put Their Supplies? 

What type of supplies you have will depend on your child and the school they attend. Regardless, it is essential to keep the items visible, so your kids know to use them. Drawers don’t generally work, because kids often forget things once they are in a drawer — just like adults. Instead use clear plastic glasses or mason jars to store pencils, pens, and paintbrushes. Notebooks can be stacked on a shelf. And it’s always nice to have a hook for their backpack so that it doesn’t get lost right before the bus comes. 

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