High school can be a frustrating time for a lot of students.

The workload piles up each year, making friends becomes difficult, and students often complain that they get less time to relax or participate in co-curricular activities.

It is important to acknowledge their feelings and try to help them instead of telling them it’s a phase.

There can be several reasons why the student may be feeling a certain way or dealing with a certain problem.

Let us look at some of the common complaints of high school students.

Why Do I Have To Learn All Of This?

It is not uncommon to hear students say things like,

“Why am I learning this? I am not interested in this subject”.

“This is a waste of my time.”

High school is when students are figuring out what they want to do. 

Students learn several subjects in high school because they need a strong foundation in all the core subjects. 

Learning the basics will make it easier for them in college.

Exposure to different subjects will give them an idea of the content and if it is potentially something they would be interested in.

You can encourage students to take more interest in their subjects by letting them know,

  • They will find it easier to deal with similar subjects in college.
  • This will increase their chances of getting scholarships.
  • They will get exposure to new topics that can make them interested in a subject.
  • They only have to study the subject for a few years.

I Get Too Much Homework!

We all know that high school students are not particularly fond of homework.

High school can get stressful, especially if teachers give students homework daily.

Very often, it can be difficult for students to keep up with homework because,

  • They don’t understand the concepts taught in class.
  • They missed a few days of school.
  • They take more time to understand or solve questions.

If a student has difficulty finishing homework, it is important to find out the exact problem he or she is facing.

For example, if they are a naturally slow learner, parents can consider talking to the teachers to provide them with less homework and extra help.

There are several effective writing strategies for stressed students who struggle with writing homework. 

Ease the Frustration of High School Understanding Common Complaints and Helping Students Succeed in Their Studies and Mental Health

It Is Hard To Make Friends

This is a common problem, especially for students new to a school.

It is a time when friend groups are very dominant, so if students don’t belong to one, they are likely to feel left out.

  • Having a few good friends is always better than many bad ones. Too many students waste their time trying to fit into popular groups or chasing after the ones who may hurt them. 
  • Please encourage them to get involved in clubs and extracurricular activities. They are the best ways to meet new people with common interests!
  • Try attending all the social events! Many high school students are scared to attend such events, but they are a great way to interact with people and have fun.
  • Be nice to everyone you meet, even if you don’t know them.

I Don’t Like The Teacher

It is normal not to like high school teachers, especially if they are strict and give you a lot of homework.

In these situations, telling the student to focus on the teacher’s strengths is important.

  • She might give you a lot of homework, but she makes you learn something.
  • She might be strict, but she makes you understand difficult concepts well.
  • You can perform well in main tests because she takes weekly small tests.

It becomes an issue if the teacher is unnecessarily rude or gives the students too much work. 

You can consider talking to the school head or principal in this case.


High School students can become depressed or face other mental health issues if their complaints are not heard or addressed.

Dealing with their complaints can help them feel better and perform well in school.

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