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Colorful Earrings for Kids – A Guide to Choosing the Right Earrings

If your child has pierced ears, you probably want to find cute earrings for kids that complement their outfit and style. You also want to choose earrings which will protect your child’s ears and skin and ensure that the jewelry lasts. Think about these things when shopping for kids earrings that will add bling to their wardrobe and be safe for their ears.

Look For Earrings with Safety in Mind

Although piercings are common among children, not all earrings are made with children in mind. When purchasing earrings for kids, consider safety first. Screw-backed earrings are recommended for babies and very young children to keep the earring back secure. Not only does this prevent lost earrings, it also prevents earrings from being swallowed. Huggie hoop earrings are another safe choice for young ones. The low profile follows the shape of the ear and is close to the skin, preventing fingers from being caught in the hoop.

Many children have sensitive skin or sensitive ears. Look for kids earrings that are nickel-free. Nickel allergies and infections can have similar symptoms. Hypoallergenic earrings made of sterling silver, surgical steel or 14K gold tend to be less irritating to newly pierced ears. Avoid costume jewelry, because it is often associated with allergic reactions.

One other consideration for earrings is the size. Smaller pieces, such as studs or tiny hoops are safer for smaller ears. Besides never going out of style, there’s less worry about the earrings getting caught in hair or clothes or accidentally being pulled out during activities.

Styles on Trend for Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons for dressing up in fun colors and new clothes. Pastel colors are on trend, but don’t limit yourself to yellow, blue and pink earrings for kids. Consider the child’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Simple designs that don’t overwhelm small faces are usually a better choice. Save the dramatic dangles and huge hoops until teenage years. Flat pieces that don’t protrude from the body are the safest.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Novelty shapes such as stars, hearts and flowers are timeless classics that will last season after season. Kids are especially drawn to special motifs such as cupcakes, turtles and flowers.
  • Birthstone jewelry is a popular choice. It adds a special layer of meaning to the jewelry when the birthstone is included.
  • Religious jewelry connects people to their faith. Children are no different. Whether you’re choosing the perfect piece for First Communion, Bat Mitzvah or a baptism, earrings are an ideal gift.
  • Simulated pearl earrings are a classic look that a young child can wear on a special occasion or just for fun.
  • Crown jewelry makes a little girl feel like a princess. Crown earrings that boast beautiful white cubic zirconias are wonderful gifts that can be worn for dress-up or any occasion.
  • Jewelry that coordinates with mom’s collection is another good choice for children. Keep it age-appropriate by choosing smaller pieces that are similar in color or shape, not necessarily exactly the same.

Teach Responsibility

Children remember their first experiences with jewelry. Young girls feel more grown up and sophisticated when they have pretty earrings that match their style. Make the journey of wearing jewelry memorable and pleasant by paying attention to sentiment and safety. Allowing them to wear earrings when they’re younger can help them become more responsible with jewelry as they become older. You may be able to allow your little fashionista to wear one of your jewelry pieces at a special dinner where the risk of losing it is low as responsibility is shown by the child.

Teach your child how to take care of their earrings. Don’t wash the earrings over the sink to prevent them from falling down the drain. Earrings should be cleaned based on the gems and metal. Silver earrings will need different treatment than gold ones. Simulated pearls should be wiped with a damp cloth instead of soaking in a jewelry cleaner to prevent peeling. Allow your child to help you clean the jewelry but keep it age-appropriate.

Even the most responsible children may lose small earrings for kids. Keep that in mind when choosing pieces. If a jewelry piece has a lot of sentimental value, you may want to allow your child to only wear it for special occasions with your permission. Young children, especially those under three, should be supervised when wearing necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Making Jewelry Memorable

Pierced ears are almost a rite of passage in today’s culture. Make the experience positive for you and your child by paying attention to details. Jewelry can be something that connects you and your child throughout your relationship. Choosing fun jewelry that is safe and stylish encourages your child to keep wearing and taking care of the pieces.

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