Autism Parenting | Getting Organized as an Autism Parent

Autism Parenting | Getting Organized as an Autism Parent

  As any parent can tell you, there are endless amounts of activities and planning when it comes to having […]

Yoga for Children with Autism | How his occupational therapy turned into a great bonding exercise for us

Yoga for Children with Autism | Occupational Therapy

  Little man is not one to sit still.  He does a ton of spinning around and bouncing into everything […]

Autism & Wandering: Understanding why your child may elope and what safeguards to put in place

Autism and Wandering: What you need to know about Elopement

    A study back in 2012, confirmed what many parents of autistic children already knew.  Elopement, also known as […]

Autism Oral Fixation Understanding why and how to help children who require oral stimming

Autism and Oral fixation : Understanding Oral Stimming

  Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by ChewiGem.  All opinions are honest, and my own.   Many children with autism […]

real mvpkids books - inspire character

Real MVPkids books: Inspire Character

  Is going to the doctor a struggle for you little one?  Have you had your toddler’s first dentist check […]

8 key things to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

8 Key Things to Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder

  Two of our children were diagnosed with autism just months a part. When this happened, it made me realize […]

Dressing Sensory-Sensitive Children

8 Top Tips For Dressing Sensory-Sensitive Children

    Having two children with autism spectrum disorder, we experience a wide range of symptoms.  There are certain textures […]