How to Care for your Newborn Baby- Tips for the New Mom & Dad

How to care for a new born baby? Some tips to consider

Congratulations on the birth of the baby! Great pleasure and joy is attached to being a new mom. So, you have ultimately completed gestation period and safely delivered an infant, your bundle of joy.

As soon as the baby arrives, you must start caring for him. Indeed, moms need to care for the infant as soon as he arrives in the womb. Now is the time you have to take actual care of the baby. Here you will find all the important tips to newborn baby care.

With joy and happiness comes a lot of responsibility and so most of the new moms get easily overwhelmed. Taking care of your infant shouldn’t be overwhelming but it should be rather fun and joyful experience.

Tips for How to Care for a New Born Baby

by Shalini

Give full support to the baby’s neck and head

New moms must learn how to hold the baby with care. As the neck of the newborn infant is floppy, parents have to be extra careful when holding the baby. Give complete support to baby’s head to avoid any uncontrolled motion.

Good latch is important when you breastfeed

Breastfeeding is extremely important for newborn babies. Latching must be good when you breastfeed. If latching is not proper, you will experience a discomfort on the breast. The mouth of the baby should cover areola and nipple of the mom completely.

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The need to burp

After the baby has fed, it is important to burp the baby. When feeding, the air enters the baby’s stomach which interferes with digestion. If burping is not done, the baby may vomit the entire content.

Sponge bath till his umbilical cord falls off

Moms must give sponge baths to babies till the umbilical cord falls off. If you keep the umbilical cord dry, it falls off much easily. If the cord gets wet, don’t forget to pat dry.

Make him sleep on his back

Even if the baby just takes short nap, let the baby sleep on the back. For healthy babies, sleeping on his back is safest sleeping position. Do not cover the head of the baby and the face. Dress him up properly and learn how to do it.

Change the diaper as soon as it gets messy

This is the routine duty which every mom has to do. Diaper changing can seem smelly and messy but it needs to be done. If the baby is made to use wet diaper for long, there will be infection.

Baby care routine or schedule to be followed

Just like you care for your body in a routine manner, you have to care for the baby. Some of the baby care essentials are:

  • Don’t bathe the baby regularly. You may bathe baby every alternate days
  • prevent any diaper rash by changing wet and messy diaper
  • use pacifier till he breastfeeds well
  • trim the nails of the baby when needed
  • buy all the baby products like cribs, car seats, baby toys and baby creams and use them as per the need
  • moisturize the baby well

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