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When it comes to Business Transformation, these amazing women have seen it all!  Check out what I learned and about future Blogher events!

When you start a company, it can seem challenging and overwhelming.  While our reasons for jumping into entrepreneurship differ, we all aim to impact the world and our pockets.  The road can be bumpy, but we can look to women who paved the path before us for advice.  That is precisely what happened when BlogHer hosted their latest virtual event. The event’s finale was a group discussion that inspired all Business Transformation for Start-ups to Fortune 100.

In this even, five women who have gone from the corporate to startups to Fortune 100 companies talked about what it took for them to transform to where they are now.  Samantha Skey, the CEO of SHE Media, not only moderated but set the bar for the transformational conversation.   Along with Carolyn Rodz, DeNeige Watson, Marian Salzman, and Gina Pell, Samantha presented the audience with a wealth of knowledge for every aspect of being a female entrepreneur.

What struck a chord with me was when Marian Salzman said,

“Part of transforming is making peace with what I’m great at and peace with what I’m terrible at.”  

Learning to accept that you are not good at something can be challenging but empowering.  When you accept those things, you can then delegate those tasks to good people.  Then, you can focus on what you are good at! As Carolyn Rodz said,

“Transformation is part of life, we are always evolving, we are always.”

Samantha brought just as much empowerment when she said, “If you’re not in the room, you’re not going to make a change.” If we do not take steps to be a part of the discussion, our voice will not be there to make the difference. 

When it comes to Business Transformation, these amazing women have seen it all!  Check out what I learned and about future Blogher events!
Business Transformation

Throughout the discussion, Samantha brought some fantastic insight into the round table.  One of the most empowering statements was when she said,

“Women over 50 aren’t invisible!”

How true is that!  If anything, I truly believe these women are the most important in their fields.  They have made an impact, gone through the trials, and transformed into the most influential people. 

As you can tell, this was an event that you would have more than enjoyed!  While this event has passed, there are a ton more BlogHer virtual events coming up. Whether you are a solopreneur, into health, or even a food blogger, there is an event for you

If you are looking for a memorable virtual event, BlogHer Food is right around the corner on November 13 at 1 pm.  Make sure you register for free here:  https://www.blogher.com/events/blogher-food-2020/

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