5 ways to create an unbreakable bond with your child

Children are all precious little angels and they just make you swoon every single time you look at them. Your own children are a slightly different story though.

You have to maintain the perfect balance between being firm and loving and achieving that perfect balance is not everyone’s piece of cake.

Sometimes you end up being far too firm and your children start feeling afraid of you.
Keep in mind that children should be loved and bonded with and not raised out of fear. Here are some ways you can strengthen your bond with them:

5 Easy Ways to Build an Unbreakable Bond with your Child

Read Stories Together

Children have hyperactive imaginations and absolutely love the concept of adventures and the like. They feel much more at ease when someone they love, i.e. you, decide to indulge in these little adventures with them.

So make it a point to read stories with them at bedtime as a last little reward of the day. Try to be as animated and expressive as possible so that they enjoy the experience fully.

Listen to Them

When your child finally learns to talk, it sometimes feels as if they will never sit quietly. Your job is to make sure that they don’t sit quietly and that they can talk to you about anything at all.

When they come back from school and start discussing their day, never ask them to be quiet and try to never seem uninterested either. Listen to them eagerly and discuss anything that they want to discuss with you. Also, try to answer any questions they have so they can always trust you in times of need.

Play Games

All children love games, be it board games, video games, or plain old tag. All children have their preferences too. So find out what kind of games your child likes and make it a point to play with them at least once every couple of days.

Games don’t have to be limited to indoors either!  Go outside and  jump around on the trampoline or play a game of hide and seek.  The options are endless!

Be Artistic With Them

As we have already mentioned before, kids have hyperactive imaginations. That means they probably have a knack for the arts already. So set out some crafting material and papers out and begin building stuff with them. They will be absolutely awed.

Snuggle with Them

Lastly, remember that nothing makes a child feel close to you like your physical touch. So hold them and snuggle up with them as often as you can so that they feel intimate with you.

Building That Unbreakable Bond

As you can see, these easy ways to build an unbreakable bond with your child are simple. but powerful!  So get out there and play with you kiddos!

5 ways to create an unbreakable bond with your child

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