breastfeeding for new moms

There are many health benefits for your baby when you breastfeed. These benefits include protection against allergies, sickness, and other health concerns like diabetes and cancer.

Breastfeeding for New Moms: Top 8 Tips & Tricks

Breastfeeding for new moms can be frustrating and scary. If you’re worried about how to get started, we’re here to help. Continue reading this article for a simple guide to successful breastfeeding.

Assemble Your Team

Yes, you will be breastfeeding the baby, but there’s no reason you have to be in this situation on your own. Ask your partner for help, but also consider seeing a lactation consultant to get even more help.

Your partner can do simple things that make a big difference. Ask them to rub your feet while you’re nursing the baby, ask them to bring the baby to you, or have them burp the baby.

As far as the lactation consultant, they’ve seen a lot of people nurse, and they know about the most common problems you’re likely to face. They can help with things like:

  • Painful nursing
  • Low milk production
  • Improper latching
  • Full and hard breasts
  • Leaking breasts
  • Using breast pumps
  • Returning to school or work

Having someone to help you navigate these exciting, but uncertain times can be a real breath of fresh air.

Watch Someone Else Breastfeed

It might sound like a little bit of a strange ask, but there are plenty of moms that are more than happy to help you learn how to breastfeed. Your lactation consultant can connect you with some groups that will help you.

Seeing how to help the baby get the latch and how to cradle the baby before you try can allow you to avoid a stressful situation with your baby. Babies can tell when you’re stressed, and you don’t have to be stressed once you are confident in what you’re doing.

Set up a Nursing Space

When you’re nursing your baby, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Until you get to the point that you need to ween your baby with these breastfeeding tips, you’ll want to have the most comfortable setup possible.

Many people like having a glider that will allow them to move a little bit while they are nursing. Almost all mothers find a nursing pillow helpful since that will allow you to get the weight of the baby off your arms.

If you’re not careful when you nurse, you’ll hunch over, and your muscles will tense, which will create a very uncomfortable situation.

You might want to have music or television up and soft lighting. Figure out what is most comfortable for you and your baby and go from there.

Avoid Pacifiers

When you’re just starting to breastfeed, make sure you don’t give your baby a pacifier. Pacifiers might get them to be quiet, but this could be a problem.

If your baby is hungry, you don’t want them to take the pacifier since it can stop them from expressing important hunger cues.

After your baby is used to nursing and you understand what their routine is, you can use a pacifier to help them soothe, but we’re talking about a couple of months out from birth.

Keep Baby Engaged

Babies find the breast comforting, and the warm milk can make them want to go to sleep as well. You don’t want your baby to dose off during feeding since they might not get all of the food they need.

If you notice they stop sucking, you can tickle their feet a little bit. If that doesn’t work, unwrap them a little bit and cool them off. The change in temperature can get them to pay attention to what’s going on.

Fuel Yourself to Fuel Baby

You’re doing a great job keeping baby fuel, but you also need to fuel yourself for the best results. When you’re nursing a baby, you need to consume about 300 more calories per day.

The healthier those foods are—the better. Also, keep in mind that if you’re exercising, you should eat a little bit more food as well. The healthier you are, the better it will be for baby, so don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Use a Strong Pump

There will be times when you need to pump your breast milk. If you use a pump that isn’t strong enough, it can be painful, and it can take a very long time.

If you’re on a budget, you might be tempted to buy a used breast pump. This is a bad idea because the motor life of the pump could be wearing out. If you’re still in the hospital, they likely have a pump you can use, and if your baby is at high risk, they might even allow you to borrow it and take it home to make sure they are kept fed.

Slowly Ease Back in at Work or School

If you have to get back to work or school, it’s best to ease your way back in. If you’re working with your lactation consultant, they can help you navigate this part of things.

You shouldn’t pump too much just because you’re going back to work or school. If you pump too much, you might experience clogged ducts, a letdown that’s too fast, mastitis, or you may go through exhaustion.

Winning at Breastfeeding for New Moms

Now you know more about breastfeeding for new moms, and you can prepare yourself for your new little one. Knowing what to expect out of breastfeeding is essential, and now you have a clear understanding.

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