Its hard to know what to get them when often they dont know either This dilemma leaves you asking what birthday gift ideas for high school girls are there Check out this gift guide to get those ideas flowing birthdaygiftideas teenagers highschool parentingtips giftguide
gift guide to get those ideas flowing! #birthdaygiftideas #teenagers #highschool #parentingtips #giftguide” class=”wp-image-16303″/>

Buying gifts for your kids can get harder as they get closer to being adults. They are no longer after the biggest toy of the year. As they get older, so do their tastes in everything! It’s hard to know what to get them when often they don’t know either! This dilemma leaves you asking what birthday gift ideas for high school girls are there?

While many teens will be happy to get money over many gifts, they still love a great gift too! There’s something special to see her eyes light up over a well thought out present. But what gifts will give that same response that the giant teddy bear you got her at six? Check out these excellent birthday gift ideas for high school girls to get you off on the right foot!

Birthday Gift Ideas for High School Girls

gift guide to get those ideas flowing! #birthdaygiftideas #teenagers #highschool #parentingtips #giftguide” class=”wp-image-16310″/>


If you want to get her something that is practical as well as desirable, then an upgrade to her current phone, a new tablet, or a new laptop may all be good ideas. Make sure you are aware of any brand preferences she may have (after all, some people feel quite strongly about having Apple or Samsung everything!), and shop around for something that will meet her needs as well as look cool.

Another thing to consider is a game console or console accessories if she is into gaming or tech accessories like noise-canceling headphones if she loves listening to music.

A Designer Bag

If your teen daughter is into fashion, then a designer bag could be a gift that she’ll be overjoyed to show off to her friends. As well as being something luxurious and stylish that she probably wouldn’t be able to buy on her own, it will be something that can last for a long time, allowing her to have a beautiful bag she can take off to college as well as enjoy now.

The designer retailer SSENSE has the latest collections from all of the hottest fashion designers, including the newest line of Saint Laurent bags. These bags can offer a chic look that she will appreciate if she is a burgeoning fashionista!

gift guide to get those ideas flowing! #birthdaygiftideas #teenagers #highschool #parentingtips #giftguide” class=”wp-image-16305″/>


Many teenage girls love receiving jewelry as a gift. Jewelry can be a much more affordable option that you think. For example, find jewelry that has meaning, such as a “Love You to the Moon and Back” necklace. Other options for jewelry would be to buy personalized pieces. Pick out a bracelet or necklace that has her name or even favorite Bible verse on it.

Gift Cards

Let’s face it: most teenage girls like to shop. While giving cash can seem not to be unique, gift cards to her favorite location can mean the world to here. For instance, find gift cards to her favorite stores such as Target, Forever 21, Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, or even a local shop she loves.

When it comes to gift cards, try to think outside the box. Does your daughter like put-put golf, ice skating, or other fun activities? Try getting her a gift card that she can use for an experience that she can remember for years to come!

Car Accessories (or a Car)

If your teen is of driving age, then the thing she probably wants more than anything in her car. However, if you’ve already sprung for one of those, then getting something car related as a birthday gift can be a nice touch, especially if she loves her vehicle!

Some cute car accessories like a steering wheel cover or a fun air freshener are a lovely little gift. If you are looking for something bigger, a new sound system could be an excellent gift for a teenage girl.

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Fun and Useful accessories

When it comes to birthday gift ideas for high school girls, fun land useful accessories can be a great option. For example, does she lose her keys often? Then a wireless key finder would be a great gift! Does she sleep through her alarm most mornings? Then a sonic boom alarm clock might be handy!

If your daughter loves her coffee, you could get her a Starbucks gift basket. The coffee would be useful now, and the cups and other accessories will last her through college! Do you know all her favorite snacks? Show her just how much you care by putting together a gift basket jammed packed with all her favorite treats!

Unique Birthday Party

When it comes to gift ideas, many people will forget that the experience can mean so much more than a psycial gift. Throw her a get together she won’t soon forget! If you are unsure what place she would love to have a party at or the theme she would like, enlist her friends! Chances are they will have some great ideas that she will love. Whether it is a sweet 16 or a unique birthday party for teenagers, she will love the time spent with family and friends.

Birthday Gift Ideas for High School Girls

To sum it up, when it comes to birthday gift ideas for high school girls, there are many options! Even so, it is still the thought that counts. Sometimes, less is truly more. Take her out to dinner, for a walk in the park, or anything special that you already do with her. Spending time together is worth more than any gift!

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