Birdy Boutique Car Seat Poncho Review

Baby, It’s getting cold outside!  Though I love the fall weather, bundling the kids up can become a real struggle.  We don’t use the garage (my vehicle is way to big lol!) so getting from house to car is cold!  Car seats and coats don’t mix, so what is a parent to do?  That’s where this Car Seat Poncho from Birdy Boutique comes in!

As you may have heard by now, coats and car seats don’t mix.  They create extra bulk between the child and belt, which can lead to injury or death during a car accident.  But what about the freezing cold before you get to the seat?  

Birdy Boutique has the perfect (and adorable!) solution!  These creative and cute ponchos give the warmth needed, without the bulk! 

Car Seat Poncho by Birdy Boutique

The poncho works by having you buckle the car seat as normal, under the poncho.  You place the back of the poncho over the back of the car seat when your child gets in.  Then you lift up the front poncho to buckle their belts against their regular clothing. 

Not only are these car seat ponchos the perfect solution to a scary problem, the Car seat Ponchos by Birdy Boutique are adorable!!  Little Man loves his Dinosaur Car Seat Poncho and that’s just one design!  Each poncho is reversible, so your little one will never get bored of their design! Check out all these other designs by Birdy Boutique!

As you can see, these Car Seat Ponchos by Birdy Boutique are absolutely adorable!  Click on any of the links above to get one of your own.  

We absolutely love out Poncho.  It is made of high quality fleece and has stood up to my son and his very active play!  He wears it everyday, even when we don’t leave the house!

Not all car seat ponchos are made equal.  Find out all the safety information that makes Birdy Boutique Car Seat Ponchos are safety compliant here

Birdy Boutique Car Seat Poncho

Birdy Boutique Car Seat Ponchos can be found on Amazon,, Instagram, and Facebook.   Make sure to Pin this Post!

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