More than 700,000 couples in the U.S. divorce every year — so, if you’re splitting up, you’re not alone.

Despite knowing that, it can be challenging to figure out how to cope with divorce as a man. It’s hard on both parties, which is why divorce commonly ranks as one of life’s most stressful events.

Beginning the Healing Process: How to Cope With Divorce as a Man

To get through it, read on. Other men have been through it, and they have tips for coping with a divorce that can help you through it, too.

1. Don’t Second-Guess Yourself

Some men get thrown by the rollercoaster of emotions post-divorce. The pain may cause you to doubt your decision to separate. As you and your ex-wife make plans to split your belongings and co-parent the kids, you might wonder if you’re better off reconciling.

In the majority of cases, though, this is just your brain protecting your heart. It is probably easier to reconcile, but is it better?

Instead, allow yourself to feel the emotions you’re going through. As we said, divorce is excruciating and stressful. But you’re better off going through the motions now — you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

2. Talk to Someone

The emotional stages of divorce are tough to handle. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t keep it inside.

Look around you: you’re sure to have at least one person who loves you and is willing to talk you through your feelings. Your parents, siblings, or friends may have even experienced something similar. They can give you advice as you sift through your emotions and find balance again.

If you feel uncomfortable divulging your feelings to someone close to you, bring in a neutral third party. A therapist is an excellent tool in coping with divorce — more men should make this part of their post-divorce plan.

3. Handle Things With Care

It probably feels good for a moment to argue over the small details of your divorce. Perhaps you never cared about the fine china or the armchair in the living room until you found out your ex-partner wanted it.

If you want to cope well with divorce, though, you need to let these little things slide. Instead, do your best to come up with a mutual agreement that suits both parties. Fight for what you want, of course, but be willing to bend on things that are negotiable to you.

On that note, don’t make your children feel like they’re any part of your divorce, either. Make that agreement ASAP with your ex. Otherwise, you and your family could be coping with divorce for years to come.

You’re going to feel freer and lighter if you are respectful and kind when it counts.

How to Cope With Divorce as a Man? Feel and Grow

Learning how to cope with divorce as a man is easy: don’t expect the process to be simple. Instead, brace yourself for the hard road ahead by letting yourself feel everything, talking to those you love, and being as cordial as possible with your ex.

In the end, you will feel good about yourself in that you handled your split with respect and dignity. And, with that, you’ll be ready to move on with your life.

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