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I remember our middle daughter’s first romantic interest like it was yesterday! When she was in seventh grade, there was one young lady that caught her eye. While I knew for quite some time, this milestone led to our first big conversation about who our daughter was as an individual and who caught her romantic interests. 

The First Romantic Interest

Having that moment to discuss more about what she should look for in a significant other was so important. She was able to see in a real situation that I only cared that who she loved would treat her with love and respect and that I was not concerned with gender. While I may not get every situation correct when it comes to parenting teens, my children know that our home is judgment-free and that we support them no matter what.

Having that first romantic interest can be such a substantial moment when it comes to parenting teens. It is the moment that you can teach your children about birds and bees and understand the importance of healthy romantic relationships. I love having the Center for Parent and Teen Communication as a trusted resource for moments like these.

Be Grateful for Teen Milestones

There are so many milestone moments for teens that we need to celebrate and be grateful as parents. My challenge to you today is to read all the milestones here and let me know about the ones you’ve experienced with your teens. Even if the moment did not go as well as you would have liked, it is important to be grateful for that moment and learn from it as a parent. What steps did you take going forward, and what advice would you give to a parent entering those teenage years?

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