Are you struggling to get your child to sleep on their own? Seeking help from sleep consultant for your baby sleep training #baby #toddler #sleeptraining

Ever felt like a failure because your baby gets very little sleep every night? Are you considering speaking with a baby sleep consultant? Grab a cup of coffee; I had you in mind while writing this article!

The urge to sleep is super delightful. In sleep, we find rest and peace; and can forget about our worries. In short, sleep is bliss. Babies aren’t any different concerning their need for sleep. Arguably, babies need to sleep for longer hours than adults do, to sap up all the benefits of good sleep for their growing brains. However, the irony is that, as babies develop, they find it cognitively challenging to acclimatize with good sleep routines and practices on their own.

Here’s where seeking help from sleep consultant for your baby sleep training comes into the picture.

Are you struggling to get your child to sleep on their own? Seeking help from sleep consultant for your baby sleep training #baby #toddler #sleeptraining

What Is Sleep Training?

Sleep training has to do with a set of practices carried out by parents to teach sleep values into their babies. Many a time, these training begin when babies are about 1-2 months old. Sleep training targets teaching babies how to fall asleep without any help, such as a rocking chair, lullaby or any other form of aid.

A full night’s sleep would be on top of any parent’s wish list, but with an infant, it seems next to impossible. So, they turn themselves into 21st-century baby care books containing many ideas on how to achieve this feat. These (cringe-worthy) ideas range from locking the child up for 12 hours in a room to stopping all forms of night feeding. It then hits hard when, after all these trials, the goal hasn’t been achieved. And they have succeeded in creating a dissatisfied baby! If you’ve ever found yourself in this state, perhaps you should turn to sleep consultants for practical solutions.

Who Is A Baby Sleep Consultant?

A professional who teaches you everything about babies and sleep! Sleep consultants are cheerleaders, encouragers, motivators, and moral supporters trained to help you navigate this phase of your baby’s life successfully. An appointment with a baby sleep consultant could range from minor telephone conversations to video calls on skype to one-on-one meetings for a one to two-week period as they guide and support you as your child is learning this new sleep technique.

Are you struggling to get your child to sleep on their own? Seeking help from sleep consultant for your baby sleep training #baby #toddler #sleeptraining

Why Can’t I Do This By Myself?

As a mother, the tendency to be an independent folk lies within you. The question might pop in your head- ‘why do I need a sleep consultant?’ in as much as you understand your baby more than anyone else, you might be missing out on a lot of information if you choose to do this alone. For instance, do you know that there is a precise biological timing with sleep (known as Circadian rhythm), and your child needs to form good sleeping habits by sleeping at an optimal natural sleep rhythm so they can fall and stay asleep easily?

Sleep consultants sort out issues about sleep training not only from a professional or medical point of view but from a parental angle. How is this done? Baby sleep consultants access and inspect the sleep environment of your child. You would want to keep the sleep environment of your baby cool, dark, and at 68-72 degrees to ensure optimal melatonin (the hormone that initiates sleep) production. If your child is older and has a night light, the light should be red, yellow, or orange and not green or blue.

Baby Sleep Consultants

No one is an island- not even the baby sleep consultant. However, working hand-in-hand with a sleep consultant makes it easier to achieve your aim of training a baby, which doesn’t only fall asleep without assistance but also has good circadian rhythms.

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  1. With good sleep training you don’t need any sleep consultant. I can recommend the Hold With Love method, where you have to especially pay attention to the first three month period. If you walk your baby through this difficult times, everything later would be much easier.

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