Kids with autism need special care, both physically and mentally. Their needs cannot be ignored, which is why parents keep a close eye on them as much as possible.

One of the best ways to help kids with autism feel excited and happy is to take them on tours or vacations. That allows them to break free from their usual mundane routines and helps them enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

Autism-Friendly Activities to Do, and Places to Explore in New York

Of course, these kids will need special care, which is why you have to be a bit picky about where you want to go. Luckily for you, New York has many unique tourist spots and activity centers for kids with special needs. Among them, here are a few that you must check out if you ever visit New York.

Music for Autism

The Music for Autism is a non-profit program that operates in multiple locations across the United States. In New York, you will find them doing shows in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. They offer interactive shows for kids with special needs. Family members can accompany their children to these shows and enjoy a wide range of performances. The program covers everything from Broadway to classical music. Every once in a while, they will even do a bilingual concert for Spanish speakers.

The show is free to attend, but you must register in advance. Music is a great way to explore your inner emotions, and your kids will surely be delighted to attend these shows.

Walkway Over the Hudson

Dutchess County is the first Autism Supportive County in New York, and it is due to the efforts of a local initiative called to think differently. The county hosts several tourist sites and attractions where kids with autism can go and explore freely. The Walkway Over the Hudson is one such attraction. It is a beautiful place with a fantastic view. The clear open skies will be a treat to your special child. Walking over the bridge itself can feel therapeutic. The site has employees with special training standing by at all times, just in case you need any help.

Since this is an outdoor activity, take note of the weather in New York before leaving. The view from the bridge is perfect when the skies are clear, and it is a bit sunny outside. Avoid going there during the rainy season, especially if you have your children with you. 

Even during the summer, check the weather forecast before leaving for the location. The New York weather might surprise you at times, which is why you must stay updated on it using apps that provide data-driven accurate weather forecasts.

Subway Sleuths – NYC Transit Museum

Kids love trains, and apart from riding one, many of them like to play and pretend that they are running the train. At the New York City Transit Museum, your kid can get the opportunity to explore life as a conductor. Children from ages 7-11 can join in on the fun. They get to play together inside the trains, learn how the transit works, and solve different transit mysteries. 

Kids are divided into small groups based on their ages. A special education teacher is stationed at the venue at all times to attend to the kids’ needs. There is also a speech-language pathologist and an educator from the museum accompanying the kids. Make sure you register beforehand, as the seating capacity for this program is limited.

Aquarium of Niagara

A visit to the Aquarium of Niagara is always enjoyable. However, things get better on certain days when it hosts its sensory-friendly themed evenings. Here, kids with autism and their family members get to enjoy some special treats. These include art activities, getting a close view of the aquarium’s sea lion, and enjoying some delicious snacks later.

Most tourist spots and recreational centers in the US these days can also cater to kids with autism. That being said, parents are usually concerned for their children, even when these places are accessible to them. Parents prefer locations that offer special facilities for kids with special needs, which is why these New York locations are ideal for your next family outing. And your kids will not have to feel left out either. They can enjoy the activities the views and interact with others who are just as unique as them.

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