Nationally there are approximately 1.6 million persons arrested for DWI. Most persons arrested for DWI are male, at 83.03 percent. So, what happens if you are arrested for DWI? How should you handle the situation? What are the effects of committing this crime? Driving under alcohol or drugs is an awful idea for multiple reasons. While we pray you do not make that choice, if you or a loved one have, check out the effects of driving under the influence and what you need to expect going forward.

Arrested for DWI? The Potential Consequences of Driving While Under the Influence

If you or a member of your immediate family gets pulled over while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, get in touch with this Dallas DWI lawyer for further info.

What happens if you are arrested for DWI? How should you handle the situation? What are the effects of driving under the influence?

Why you should get yourself a lawyer

If you get in that situation, it is best to speak to DUI attorneys specializing in this kind of case. Someone that has relevant experience would be the ideal choice. 

Your DUI lawyer should be thoroughly familiar with the laws surrounding driving while under the influence and how they are usually enforced. Their knowledge can prove invaluable when navigating your way through the situation. Plus, if you are innocent, they can be there for you to try to prove that to the authorities or the courts.

Avoiding losing your license

If it is your first offense, there is a good chance that you will be able to keep your license. However, it does depend, in part, on where you live. In some places, DWI offenses for first-time offenders are enough to prevent driving for a significant period. 

Be prepared to attend driver training.

If you agree to take a mandated driver training course, it may be possible to avoid losing your license. You will likely have to pay to do so. The cost is usually far lower than what you would otherwise have to pay for public transport and taxi fares.

Make sure that you do not re-offend

You must not re-offend. If you do, the punishment will usually be far more severe than when arrested for DWI the first time around. Instead of losing your right to drive for a few months, you could lose it for a year or more. 

When that happens, you can easily find yourself stuck doing low-paid work for all of that time simply because you can no longer afford to travel further. 

Be prepared to have an ignition-blocking box fitted

In some places, the authorities allow offenders to have a black box installed in their vehicles. With this device, you have to perform a breath test before you attempt to start your car or van.

If you pass the breath test, your vehicle will start, and you will be able to drive off. If it is not, the ignition will remain locked. They work well as a deterrent to re-offending and allow you to continue working and taking care of your family. 

Getting insurance is more challenging but not impossible.

As you can see from this information, getting insurance becomes more expensive when you have a DWI conviction. However, sometimes having an ignition blocker fitted can bring the cost down.

Arrested for DWI

It is best not to drive while under the influence. But, if you do, the information above will enable you to get your life back on track and do so faster.

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