Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, is a cloud computing platform providing users with various cloud-based services. Cloud services are simply a term for delivering computing services over the internet, making them fast, reliable, and highly accessible. Some of the many services offered by AWS are computing, storage, databases, analytics, and developer tools.

With the sudden emergence of a pandemic, cloud-based computing services have risen in popularity over the last two years as companies have migrated their systems and services onto the ‘cloud.’ With this, the demand for cloud-based service professionals has never been higher, with many people opting for certified aws.

All You Need To Know About Amazon Web Services (AWS): Skills, Jobs, Training, & Salaries  

Amazon Web Services are among the most popular cloud-based solutions that companies have looked into, leading to a much greater demand for AWS professionals. Interested in being one, or simply just curious? Let’s look into what skills are required of AWS professionals, as well as the jobs and training you can expect to encounter as one.

Amazon Web Services or AWS for short is a cloud computing platform providing users with various cloud based services

AWS Career — Key Skills To Develop

AWS offers over 200 fully-featured services on the cloud and has millions of customers, including startups, large multinational corporations, and even government agencies from around the globe.

With the plethora of services offered by AWS, there are various roles one can play when taking the AWS career path. AWS works towards a constant evolution of its service and requires employees to think from multiple perspectives to better the service constantly.

However, this means that an individual must develop specific skills to prepare for a career in AWS. Here are some essential skills you should start working on if you are interested in a career in this field.

1. Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in any type of career, but maybe more so when dealing with a constantly evolving system and environment that demands progress. As an AWS professional, simply being good at your expertise isn’t enough.

To succeed as one, you would have to communicate well with your team for several reasons. Good communication between individuals and different departments is vital for ensuring good collaboration in creating efficient cloud computing systems.

2. Programming Languages

AWS professionals are expected to have a good understanding of programming languages, especially Java and Python. While coding will not be required by every professional in every career path, understanding the basics will ensure a mutual understanding of what is going on. 

You would need different levels of programming language literacy depending on what you specialize in. Roles such as DevOps Engineer would require in-depth knowledge, while someone like a Solution Architect might only need a basic understanding of it.

3. Networks

Similar to coding, to create a cloud-based service or solution parked on a network, one would benefit from having a good understanding of networks. Certain roles will demand a higher level of familiarity with networking concepts, and you will have to be able to construct different types of networking blueprints.

4. Problem-Solving

In order to be progressive, it is expected of AWS professionals to be able to think critically and problem-solve constantly. Information collection, research, and data/trend analysis are some other skills of varying competency required by AWS professionals. This ensures that AWS can operate in a state of constant improvisation.

5. Observability

Observability is a skill closely related to problem-solving. Being able to observe critical trends and issues, as well as to measure the state of IT-related infrastructures in need of AWS professionals to ensure that systems are constantly optimized. This may include specific skills such as data collection from data nodes, analytics, and decision-making skills.

6. Cloud Security

Cloud security is something highly demanded by users. Hence, there is a demand for AWS professionals with skills in the field of cyber security.

AWS Training And Jobs In 2022

AWS also offers a wide range of online and offline courses to further your skills. You can take up lessons based on a specialization, such as a solution architect, a developer, or an operations manager. On the other hand, lessons based on cloud solutions such as data analysis, machine learning, and cloud security are also available for your perusal.

Types Of Training

1. Classroom Training

AWS offers live classroom training equipped with accredited AWS instructors, hands-on labs, and many discussion opportunities. These lessons can either be attended in person or virtually.

2. Digital Training

Those who prefer to learn at their own pace may prefer the digital training programs offered. These programs allow participants to be flexible in the pursuit of knowledge.

Key Training Modules

AWS is a cloud computing platform providing users with various cloud based services Learn About Amazon Web Services AWS Skills Jobs Training Salaries
1. Architecting On AWS

Solution architects, developers, and solution-design engineers are some of the specializations that will benefit from this training module. You will develop an understanding of AWS architecting by the end of this course, allowing you to develop the best cloud solutions.

2. Developing On AWS

This module will teach participants how to construct secure and scalable cloud applications on the AWS server. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to experience using a wide variety of AWS applications and developer tools.

3. DevOps Engineering

DevOps skills are higher-level skills utilized by solution engineers and architects. The skills you learn from this module can be used to further your career as an AWS professional.

4. System Operations On AWS

This module covers the various skills needed to become an operations manager. This includes setting up, troubleshooting, configuring, and automating the various services and networks in the AWS cloud system.

5. AWS Cloud Essentials

This course covers the basics of AWS cloud and is recommended for all AWS professionals, regardless of specialization.

AWS Jobs And Salary 2022

There are hundreds of roles that an AWS professional can take on. This includes developers, sysops administrators, solution architects, and DevOps engineers. Cloud professionals are among some of the most well-paid professionals, and having the right skills can be highly lucrative.

An entry-level AWS professional can expect to make around $90,000 annually, while a senior professional can expect figures of up to $166,000 annually.


The demand for cloud professionals will only continue to rise and is an attractive path for professionals skilled in cloud computing, development, and management. The right cloud-related skills make you a valuable asset to any digital-based organization, especially AWS.

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