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A decade ago, there is no way I could have begun to imagine where I would be today.  My life and experiences, good and bad, have led me to where I am today.  I am very blessed to have four amazing children and my best friend at my side.  Never would I have thought that my parenting journey would be a part of such an inspirational project as Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century.

Mom’s of the 21st century are not only different from a century ago, but vastly different and amazing from each other. We all come from different paths and lead very different lives.  These can be anything from culture, religion, orientation, disability, life choices, and so much more.  Even so, at the heart of every mother is a desire to love and nurture her children.

Amazing Moms – Parents of the 21st Century

Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st century is an absolutely stunning coffee table book that features 115 moms from around the globe.  Coming from 13 different countries, these mom’s stories display motherhood and femininity at it’s very best!

This book is jammed packed full of compelling photos and content will inspire conversation about the refreshing, positive images of 21st century mothers as responsible, competent, active and nurturing parents.

About the Authors:

Hogan Hilling: Hogan is quiet an amazing author and more importantly, an inspirational father.  Amazing Moms is his 12th published book.  He is the creative genius behind  the DADLY Brand and book series, as well as the founder of United We Parent.  These amazing feats, fail in comparison to the love he has for all his children.  Oprah has called him one of the greatest fathers in the world, and I am honored to know him through this project.

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho Dr.  Ho has over 25 years of experience and holds multiple certifications
and degrees including a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology. Dr. Ho is also founder of United We Parent. She is passionate about helping others through her private practice.  This love and compassion shows in everything she does and it is an amazing pleasure to know her through this project as well!

What is the Amazing Moms Coffee Table Book all About?

The idea for this book came while Hogan Hilling was soliciting dads for his coffee table book DADLY Dads, which
also features 115 dads. Hilling invited Dr. Elise Cohen Ho to co-author the book with him.

The book features a diverse group of 115 moms from around the world. The passionate, tender and loving candid photos combined with the genuine, eloquent and heartfelt comments from a diverse group of amazing moms all over the world represent motherhood and femininity at its best.

“Jobs may come and go. We may move houses or relocate to a new area, state, or country. Nevertheless, we do what we do day in and day out to be the best parent we can be for our families. Why, you ask? We are moms!” – Adrienne Milligan

How does Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century Share These Stories?

Each mom selected to be feature in this book was ask the same questions, and the answers vary greatly in such an inspirational way!  Each mom was asked to tell us what she does well as a mom; what she learned from another mom; lesson she learned from her child. Then she was asked to describe a successful motherhood moment and also name a mom she admires.

Some of the Inspirational Moms featured in Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century

I still cannot believe that I was selected as one of the Amazing Moms in this beautiful coffee table book.  One thing many of us moms in this book share, is the humbling honor to be featured along the other 114 unbelievably amazing moms!  Check out just a few of the other moms in this book!

JoAnne Diaz, a Pennsylvania mom of nine children under the age of 10, including a set of twins.

Kori Reed, a Nebraska mom who is the primary breadwinner. She has enjoyed a successful professional career with Fortune 500 companies, progressing from manager to vice president. Her husband Mike is the primary caregiver for their children and is featured in the DADLY Dads coffee table book.

Erica Landis, a New Jersey mom of two children, Noah and Miriam and wife to husband, Hal. Erica and Hal experienced a tragedy in their lives when their two year-old son, Noah, drowned in a pool.

Rosana Roth, Canada and Roma Roth, California are twins. Rosana is a mom who chose to have her son, Noah, through fertility treatments and Roma is a mom of two children.

Cathy Worley, a California mom who is deaf due to a congenital hearing loss and raised two boys. At the age of 55 she received a cochlear implant, which gave her the ability to hear for the first time.

Marti and Erin Erickson, a mother and daughter who live in Minnesota. Marti is a mom of two children. Erin, her daughter, is a mom of three children. Marti and Erin also host a radio show called Mom Enough.

Sarah Martin, Oregon and Samantha Heiges, Minnesota – two moms serving time in correctional facilities. Elise and I included these two moms to demonstrate that regardless of the crime a mom commits, concrete walls should not condemn or prevent her from building a relationship with her children. We feel it is not our place to judge these moms while they serve their time in prison. They are still moms!

Nondumiso Morais is a South African mom based in Mozambique of two children, who is in an interracial marriage with her husband Joao.

Jaqueline Miller, a New Jersey mom of two boys ages 26 and 21. On Super Bowl Sunday in 2002, her husband died suddenly of a heart attack.

Jesse Rutherford, a California mom who experienced a divorce and is raising two daughters.

Elisabeth Britz a gay mom of three children ages 23, 21, and 19 who lives in England.

Patsy Meyer, a California mom of three children and grandmother of six children. Her husband is a retired Sheriff’s sergeant. The two met in jail while she worked in the Men’s Jail Records Department.

Where can I get Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century?

Amazing Moms of the 21st century will be available for purchase on Mother’s Day 2018 (May 13, 2018).  Click here to check it out!

Is there more?

Yes!  This book is just a step in this amazing journey!  You can check out all the current connections here!

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