Amazing Moms Monday Series- This Week Featuring Tejaswinee (Tej) Bauru #WeLoveMoms

Welcome to our Amazing Moms Monday series! Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes.  Mothers come from varying different backgrounds, each with their own unique story.

Mom’s have one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world!  Too often, we lose sight of what is most important and focus on what we feel are failures.  So to change that narrative, we will be featuring an Amazing Mom every Monday to inspire us all to make a change!

The Mom Kind is proud to partner with the #WeLoveMoms movement to celebrate these amazing parent role models!  These moms are making a difference in their communities and offer some real world inspiration.

 “The Journey of a thousand miles, Begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

The #WeLoveMoms movement aims to provide inspiration to moms in need.  To find out more about this project and how you can help, please check us out here.

Through the inspiration of the Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st century coffee table book (Mother’s Day 2018), we are so happy to feature these beautiful women who demonstrate motherhood in unique ways!

Without further ado, let’s check out this week’s featured Amazing Mom!

Amazing Mom Mondays Featuring Tej Barua - Featuring Amazing Moms from around the World #WeLoveMoms

Amazing Moms Monday

Featuring: Tejaswinee (Tej) Barua from Queensland Australia

About Tej:

Tej is an amazing mom to her beautiful twenty-one month old daughter.   She and her husband have been married for eight years, and are both software engineers.  She was born and raised in the North East of India, in the lush state of Assam, famous for its tea and silk.

Tej has been working for the last ten years in different multi-national companies, with clients and business partners spread throughout the world. She and her husband moved from India to Australia in 2014, where her daughter was born.

Tej loves to reading, particularly historical fiction and literary classics. Her favorite book is to Kill a Mocking Bird.  She also has an amazing blog, called Fiction in a Flash, where she pens down short stories and poems.

Favorite Moment as a Mom

From the time she was a few months old, I have been incessantly trying to develop in her, a love of books(a love that I hold too). And now at 2.5 years old, when she goes into her favorite reading corner and sits there flipping pages, book after book,- those are the moments I am proud. For I am sure I have nurtured a love in her that will stay with her for life.  – Tejaswinee Barua

Amazing Moms Monday

Thank you Tej for being an Amazing Mom and inspiration to us all!  Make sure to head over to Tej’s blog to check out her latest writings.

Until Next Week

Thanks for checking out this week’s Amazing Moms Monday!  Make sure to check out the #WeLoveMoms movement as well as the upcoming release of the Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st century book.  Join us again next week, when we feature another amazing mom!

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