Amaze Jr- Sex Education for Children Ages 4-9

Kids asks some really tough questions! It’s hard to know how to give an age appropriate answer, especially when children are between the ages of 4-9. That’s why the folks over at Amaze have come up with Amaze Jr! They wanted to offer a resource for parents and children for sex education for all ages.

When you give your child an age-appropriate answer to sex-related questions, it does more than just answer their question. It will encourage body positivity and prepare them for experience in life. More so, it will create an ongoing, healthy dialogue with their parents. This creates a trust that will help your child continue coming to you, even with tougher questions

Amaze jr. is a new animated video series from, a project from Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health

Sex Education for Children Ages 4-9

Our children’s schools start offering a yearly (age-appropriate) seminar for the kids around 3rd grade. This is great, but sexuality education experts say that these conversations need to happen much earlier.

One of the biggest things I noticed after my children have had these conversations at school and now through Amaze is their confidence levels in asking questions.

I’ve always been a huge advocate for honesty with my children so they know they can come to me. My parents were always there for me, but I also don’t know if I would have had the confidence to ask those tough questions to my parents as I got older.

Animated Video Series for Teaching Sex Education

With the support of Amaze, and now Amaze Jr., I know my children will! Plus I know they are growing up with facts that help them feel good about their bodies. That they won’t be confused by what they may hear from the playground, tv shows, or the internet.

This Infographic from Amaze Jr. is an awesome starting point for getting you prepared to have those conversations with your children. It helps you understand that these conversations don’t have to be embarrising or taboo.

As you can see, Amaze Jr is an amazing resource for both parents and children. There are two separate playlists available. One for parents and one for children. Amaze Jr. is for children ages 4-9 and offers these resources complete free. To check them out, just head over to Amaze Jr

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