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Welcome to our journey here at The Mom Kind.  Having a larger family comes with its own struggles, joys, and adventures.  Mixing into our adventures, we have two children on the autism spectrum, and two children with anxiety based disorders.  We are a blended family, with myself being a mom of three biological children and one bonus kiddo.  

I never thought growing up, that I would one day become an advocate for special needs.  After our two youngest were diagnosed with autism just a couple months a part, my life's purpose was finally made clear to me.  I found myself front and center in bringing awareness to autism and teaching neurodiversity. 

In my search for information, I found very few sites sharing personal accounts of raising multiple children on the spectrum.  With my desire to spread awareness  and help other parents, Adventures of The Mom Kind was born.  

Parenting is an adventure in and of it's self.  I am blessed to have an amazing husband (Andy) to share this journey with.  There is no way I could keep any form of sanity with out him by my side! Together we are learning the ropes of parenting four children, all at vary different stages of their lives!

Our oldest is a teenager now.  I have had the honor of calling her my stepdaughter for ten years now. We have been very blessed to have a great relationship with her mother and share 50/50 custody.  Learning to co-parent has not been an easy journey, but when raising a teenager you need all hands on deck!

Our other three children are ours together.  Our second daughter is hitting the preteen years. She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever known.  She has an amazing relationship with all of her siblings.  She is amazing with both her younger siblings who have autism.  Her patience is something I envy at times!

Bean is our a youngest daughter.  I speak of her and her brother a lot on here as she was diagnosed with autism.  Having a little girl on the spectrum brings its own kind of joys and challenges.  She is extremely artistic, loves to sing, and wants to vlog!  She makes me smile every day and lights up the room.

Little man, the kick start of why this blog exists!  He is my little buddy.  When he was 19 months old, he lost all his words.  At 23 months old, we received his autism. diagnosis.  Since then, he has been through weekly speech and occupational therapy.  Now, he talks up a storm and is hilarious!  

As you can see, we are the very definition of a neurodivesre family! Here we share what we have learned works and doesn't works in our day to day lives.  

Make sure to stop by often.  This site is not just dedicated to us though.  This site is for you.   We want you to interact with us and become apart of our extended family.  So if you see something you like (or don't like), use those comment boxes!  If there is a topic we haven't covered yet, but you really need information on, let us know! We can't wait to get to know you!


Your's Truly,