Are you looking for the perfect gift for your partner? How about a gift you can both enjoy? The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book is recommended to all couples looking for creative, fun, and intimate ways to spend time together.

Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

There’s no better present for your partner, as you’ll both enjoy completing the fifty challenges throughout the year. Follow this link to have a look at some real adventures completed by couples.

Here is everything you need to know about the couples edition.

How does it work?

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book provides suggestions for unusual date nights with your partner. There are fifty scratch-off challenges included in the book, broken up into categories by season. Such categorization allows couples to enjoy adventures suitable for different periods of the year. At the beginning of the book, there is a short list of rules to follow.

The first rule says disconnect to reconnect, as the idea is for couples to have fun and unplug from everyday life. You should pick an adventure and scratch it off. The second rule is no take-backs, as once the challenge is scratched off, there’s no going back. You and your partner are left with no choice but to complete it. You will see small icons next to each challenge, providing helpful information about the date, whether you need to stay indoors or head outdoors, etc.

The third rule is to document the journey by taking a picture and writing about it in your journal. The purpose of the book is to help couples create lasting memories. Partners are also encouraged to make videos of their experiences and later upload them to their website to share them with others. You can upload the photos to social media as well by using the hashtag #theadventurechallenge.

The duration of the missions can be less than an hour to half a day. Nevertheless, there are three helpful icons above every scratch-off area, providing general information about the activity. The $ icon shows the approximate cost of the adventure; the clock icon shows the best time of day/night to do it, whereas the hourglass symbol indicates the approximate duration of the challenge.

When it comes to the budget, the date ideas inside the book are budget-friendly, ranging from $0 to $50. Couples can also adjust them to fit their budget. Apart from the book, the creators offer a Lomography Automat Instant Camera to document each challenge. Click here to learn how instant cameras work.


As mentioned already, users are provided with symbols next to the scratch-off area, helping them set their expectations. These icons include helpful information about the necessary supplies, time of day, location, and other essential details. For instance, the cutlery icon indicates that the adventure will involve eating a full meal, meaning you should come with a hungry stomach.

Furthermore, if you see the cookie icon, it means you’ll either have to prepare or purchase a snack during the challenge. The paint splatter symbol indicates a messy adventure, which requires having your clothes washed afterward. Another helpful icon is the one in the form of waves, meaning you’ll probably get wet while completing the challenge. When you see this symbol, make sure to dress appropriately.

In addition, the house icon indicates the adventure takes place indoors, which is perfect for cold or rainy days. The symbol with a tree explains that the challenge is best completed outdoors, so couples should wait for a sunny day to scratch it off. When you see the car icon, you should prepare to go somewhere to enjoy your date, such as a shop, park, lake, etc.

Another informative symbol to pay attention to is the one with a running man. When couples see this icon, they should prepare for an adventure with a higher level of physical activity. Even if you aren’t particularly active, you’ll still be able to complete the challenge, as it involves a little bit of running around.

The trolley icon informs couples that they would probably need to run to the store to get some essential items. Perhaps some couples already have the required supplies at home. The sun icon stands next to activities that are best performed during daylight. This symbol is of tremendous importance, as it helps couples decide when they should perform the activity.

The same goes for the moon symbol, indicating the adventure starts after dark. These activities are the most fun to complete after the sun goes down. Conversely, the camera symbol informs users that they’ll need a photo or video camera to do the challenge.

Last but not least, the baby icon indicates that users should hire a babysitter for the night. Even though you can complete multiple adventures with kids, some dates are best accomplished by hiring a sitter.

Date box subscription

Besides getting the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book, partners can also subscribe to date boxes purchased monthly. These boxes contain all of the supplies you’ll need for corresponding dates. Every box is marked with a number in the corner, corresponding to the date you should pair it with. Nevertheless, users aren’t obliged to subscribe to the boxes if they don’t want to.

Final word

If you wish to create meaningful memories with your partner, this is the ideal book for you!

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