Congratulations on adding a new furry friend to your family! Bringing a new puppy home can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. Don’t stress—you can do things to prepare the puppy for this transition and help it adapt to its new life.

A Parent’s Guide To Bringing A New Puppy Into The House

Preparing your home for your new puppy needs careful attention, and many people often overlook some basics. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to bringing a new puppy to your house. 

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What To Prepare 

It’s best to have a few things at home and buy a few more things for your puppy before you pick it up. You’ll have everything you need for your dog’s first few days by purchasing them ahead of time. Here are some essentials you need before meeting your new furry family member for the first time:


Crates provide your puppy with a safe environment. Make sure the puppy’s crate is just big enough to accommodate them spreading their legs when lying down. If you choose one larger than their size, your puppy will think it has enough space in its crate to potty. And if the crate is too small, it’ll be uncomfortable for the puppy to sleep or rest.

Wrap the crate inside with a blanket to create a comfortable crate for your new puppy at bedtime and naps. By keeping your puppy’s crate in your room, it’ll also feel safe and secure, learning to trust and rely on you.


The best way to introduce your puppy to its new home is with a tasty meal and some playtime. If you introduce new food to your puppy too quickly, it may develop bowel problems. So pick food specially made for young puppies and introduce it gradually with some new food mixed in.


Likely, your new puppy will already have a collar on when he arrives. However, you can purchase an adjustable one for them to wear as they grow and mature. Additionally, your puppy will never run off if you have a leash and a nametag with its name and yours written on it, along with your phone number. You might also have to buy a few bath essentials. Dog shampoo is a great place to start to bathe your pups, but be careful in selecting their shampoo. Your dog might react poorly to certain shampoos. 


Don’t forget to add a few more items to your list so you’ll be ready for your puppy when it arrives. Puppies will unavoidably cause accidents, so buy puppy pads and some cleaners to eliminate stains and prevent odors from forming. Also, don’t forget to include dog chews for training and bowls for food and water.

You can also get a cheap baby gate that you can install quickly if you have stairs or areas of the house where you do not want your dog to roam when you’re away.

Preparing your home for your new puppy needs careful attention and many people often overlook some basics With that in mind heres a quick guide to bringing a new puppy to your house
Aska parked himself between my feet to let me know it was time for a rest

What To Expect

If you’re about to pick up your new pet, you need to know what to expect and how to introduce yourself to this little bundle of joy. It’s all about the first impression!

Having Your Puppy Learn Your Scent 

When you pick up your puppy to take him home, let him sniff you as much as possible. This allows him to become more familiar with your scent. You can give your pup a head start by bringing an old T-shirt that smells like you to the breeder or shelter where it’s raised.

Potty Training 

Potty training your new puppy is one of the most challenging tasks you’ll face as a new pet parent. You can start by introducing them to their outdoor potty spot as soon as possible. And if they learn to go potty in the designated location, reward them with a treat to start establishing the habit in their mind.


Puppy Proofing

Cute puppies are only babies, and having too much going on at the same time is a recipe for disaster. When you introduce your new furry friend to your home, start with a small area where it’ll feel at ease and that you’ve puppy-proofed entirely. Allowing your dog to roam freely in your home can be stressful for it. Begin with this puppy-proof area and gradually introduce your pup to other parts of your house as it matures.


Puppies are quick to learn! Start training them by promoting good conduct early on with positive reinforcement and food rewards for obeying commands. Try to correct any biting, nibbling, or chewing and divert them to toys or snacks that they can bite and chew on. You’ll set your puppy up for the future in his new home if you use positive reinforcement early on.


Bringing a new puppy home may appear to be a considerable commitment. But you’ll soon realize how much joy your new friend can give you in exchange for your time, devotion, and energy. Making preparations for your furry friend requires careful consideration, and it’s not wrong to miss a few basics, especially when it’s your first time adopting a puppy. Refer to this post for guidance on surviving your first few days as a new pet owner. 

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