Who isn’t fascinated by the beauty a garden adds to a home? However, it would help if you planted one of the many flowers of the Canadian summer to have a beautiful garden. A florist in Calgary can guide you by providing a list of flowers that flourish during summer. 

Flowers of the Canadian Summer

Below is a list of flowers that thrive in Canadian summer to get you started.  

White hellebore flower in a park, one of the many Flowers of the Canadian Summer

White hellebore flower 

Hellebores have leather leaves that remain cheery, glossy, and green from fall to winter. They bloom in different shades that add color to the season, early in February or March. The blooms last long, especially when the weather remains cool. 

Generally, Hellebores can tolerate humidity and summer heat well. They do well in neutral to alkaline, well-drained soils rich in humus with medium moisture. Permanently remove last season’s leaves towards the end of winter before new leaves appear and trim flowering stems after they bloom to encourage new foliage growth. 

White hellebore flower against pond and park background

Perennial Hibiscus

If you want to maintain the tropical summer feel as you prepare for fall, consider Perennial Hibiscus. They have big plate-sized blooms that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. When choosing the perfect spot for these plants, pick an area that receives 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Perennial Hibiscus grows to between 3 and 6 feet tall, so you should leave enough room for this.  

Perennial Hibiscus do well in well-drained and moist soil. If your soil doesn’t have these properties, ensure you water it frequently and mulch. Remove dead leaves and cut the stems back about 4” in fall. 

Perennial Hibiscus produces several colors, including white, red, and pink. You may notice the bloom in spring, but they won’t be in full bloom until summer. They’ll maintain their flair even when the cold kicks in. 

One Perennial Hibiscus flower blossom with a dark pink center fading into a light purple.


Plants in the genus Paeonia, better known as a peony, clump together to firm deciduous and perennial shrubs. They are grown for their colorful and, at times, fragrant flowers. The blooms are often solitary and upright. The herbaceous cultivars bloom between late spring and early summer, while tree peonies bloom between mid and late spring.

Peonies thrive in deep, moist, fertile, and well-drained soil. They can do with part or full shade but need support when they grow too big. 

Peonies often symbolize prosperity, romance, a happy marriage, good fortune, compassion, honor, and riches. 

Pink peony Flowers in a pink vase on a white ornate concrete pedestal surrounded by tall green grass

Picobella Mix Petunia

It has beautiful flowers shaped like trumpets at the stem ends. They flower between mid and mid-fall. The pointy leaves remain green throughout flowering, providing excellent contrast in a bouquet. The Picobells Mix Petunia has a medium texture that perfectly blends in gardens. You can balance it with other coarser or finer plants for better composition. 

The plant requires occasional upkeep and maintenance. You can trim the flower head after they die to encourage more to bloom later in the season. It’s perfect for your garden if you want to attract hummingbirds.

These often symbolize anger and resentment and can be a perfect gift to someone you’ve recently butted heads with. 

A blossom of light pink, dark pink, and purples petunias


Lobelias are cute plants that bloom all summer. In contrast, they are easy to grow and maintain but produce many flowers. Lobelia comes in different varieties; some are perennial, and others are annual. Moreover, some act as ground cover and others hang or stand upright. You might trigger another blooming whenLobeliaune lobelia after the first flowering. 

Overall, Lobelia produces purple and light blue spearhead-shaped flowers. As a gift, they symbolize love, prosperity, and good luck.  

a close up image of two dark blue  Edging lobelia (Lobelia erinus) blossoms


It’s easy to see why these flowers are popular for gardens and gifts. They are rich in color and have an equally stunning background. Compared to other Canadian summer flowers, they are easy to maintain and grow. You can grow them from trimmings or bulbs and do well indoors. 

Differently colored begonias have different meanings and messages. For instance, the Red begonia symbolizes romance, passion, and love. As such, it’s not the right flower to gift someone you’ve just met unless you are crushing on them. 

On the other hand, Pink begonia symbolizes romance and love, but they are less intense than the red type. Yellow begonias symbolize wealth, joy, and happiness.  

a blossom of several pink Begonia flowers with yellow centers

Janie Yellow

They are also known as Marigold, an annual herbaceous plant that adds delicate and fine texture to a garden. They are low maintenance, and trimming off dead flowers encourages the growth of new blooms late into summer. The flowers are golden yellow and impossible to miss. 

The plant grows 10-inches when fully mature and spreads 8 inches. When grown in a mass, you can use them as a bedding plant since the foliage remains dense and low. 

This marigold flower represents new beginnings.

One janie yellow marigold blossom in the garden.


Your summers will never be the same with these flowers. The upside is that most of them are easy to grow and care for. If you are looking for the perfect gift, you’ll have a lot of options. Ask your florist in Calgary to guide you through the perfect choice. 

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