Nursing Career Options for Moms

The idea of balancing family with a well-paid job may sound impossible to some, but nursing can offer you just that if you find the right career path. However, it would help if you remembered that you’d have obligations to fulfill as a nurse, and some positions might be a bit too hectic or intense for you.

Great Nursing Career Options for Moms

Thankfully, there are plenty of positions where you’ll have more stability and be able to apply your natural skills as a mom. Once you have completed your nursing degree, there are so many options to work.

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Here are nine excellent nursing career options for mothers.

School Nurse

One of the great things about being a school nurse is that your work hours will be the same as your child’s school hours. This allows you to keep childcare costs to a minimum. You get summers off along with the kids and the same holidays, too. Furthermore, you’re never asked to work nights and weekends.

Know that this job involves tracking immunization records, performing health screenings, giving medication, and treating sick kids. It is a relatively low-stress job, however. Also, note that you can find school nurse jobs at public and private schools.

Factory Nurse

Factory nurses are also known as occupational health nurses or plant nurses. They typically work in a clinic in a factory, warehouse, or office. Most factory nurses work during the day shift and often during business hours.

They may give vaccinations or monitor employee health and handle urgent healthcare needs like the aftermath of an accident. One benefit of this job for mothers is that you’ll have a lot of autonomy.

Case Manager

Case managers assist patients with the planning of their healthcare. You coordinate healthcare and information sharing between various medical professionals in your role. Another great option is to become an advocate for patients. You will ensure that they get the care they need, such as home health aides assisting them when they’re released from the hospital.

You may assist with evaluating patients and their situation and coordinating care and benefits, or you may guarantee that they get the proper quality of care. Case managers make a significant difference for their patients, and you’re not required to work 12-hour shifts to do so.

Per Diem Nurse

Per diem nurses are hired on a day-by-day basis. They are generally hired to fill in for other nurses who are not at work or to meet peak demand in a healthcare facility. You can choose which shifts you want to work, and you’re paid a higher rate for those shifts when you do work. You could find work through a per diem staffing agency, whether you want to work part-time or full-time. Some staffing agencies may require you to work a minimum number of shifts per month.

The downside is that it doesn’t have the same security or benefits as a full-time nursing job, which is the price you pay for complete flexibility. However, you can plan your work schedule to have childcare available only when you need it, assuming a family member isn’t watching your children. Furthermore, you can cancel shifts if your child gets sick. It is hard to get time off from a full-time job, much less when they order you to work overtime.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Family nurse practitioners are almost equivalent to doctors and follow patients at every step of their life. They are also very well paid and will get the chance to enjoy stable schedules. You could choose to work standard office hours, weekends or evenings. You could also work in a doctor’s office, a walk-in clinic, and even operate your own in many states.

Note, however, that you need to get the necessary credentials to work as a family nurse practitioner. Fortunately, accredited ARNP programs online would allow you to get your credentials faster without having to leave home. These are great for those trying to juggle work and family duties while getting their education.

EKG Technician

In addition to a nursing career, one can also be certified as an EKG technician. These techs are trained to utilize and interpret heart diagnostic equipment in hospitals and healthcare settings. The beauty of this path is that it only requires a certification, which is far shorter and less expensive than a typical nursing degree program. So not only can it be a standalone career to make a nice living in the healthcare system as an EKG tech, but it could also be an additional certification you get as a nurse to run and understand this complicated equipment. There are a variety of EKG tech programs and schools out there, so choose the one that’s the most affordable with the best perks.”

Home Healthcare Nurse

Home healthcare nurses generally supervise patients in their homes. They may deliver IVs, change dressings, or administer medication. They can typically schedule their hours, while even those working for an agency typically work during business hours.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales

Nurses are a natural choice for pharmaceutical and medical device sales. You’re already familiar with the healthcare industry, and your credentials give you credibility with other healthcare professionals.

You may decide to work as an employee or independent contractor. In the latter case, you can set your schedule. You can meet with potential customers between errands or only work when the kids are in school. The average pay rate is reasonable, but there is no upper limit. Furthermore, the salary you earn is based on your success, not the number of hours you work.

Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nurses take on many tasks as nurses in the doctor’s office. They listen to patients, make diagnoses, and provide advice. The difference is that the patient is talking to them through a screen.

Telehealth nurses take on many tasks as nurses in the doctor’s office. They listen to patients, make diagnoses, and provide advice. The difference is that the patient is talking to them through a screen.

Virtual medical assistant positions also provide opportunities to stay-at-home nurse moms. Their skillset may be used in prescription refills, admin tasks, communication, and patient and insurance verification schedule.

Telemedicine is an invaluable tool for serving people in rural areas, under-served urban areas, and homebound people. A telehealth nurse may work from a doctor’s office, health insurer’s office, or home. There are very few nursing jobs that allow you to work from home.

Advice Nurses

Many healthcare systems and insurers have nurse lines that members can call to get advice. This helps patients learn what kind of medical care they need before going to the hospital. This may also prevent them from needing to go to a hospital or inform them that they need to go to the emergency room.

The advice nurses may work in an office, or they may be able to work from home. It is certainly less strenuous than working a 12-hour shift in a hospital. These phone lines may be operational during evenings and weekends, but you can choose what shifts you work.

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Additionally, if you have received a degree from one of the many clinical nurse specialist programs available, then you may be able to give advice in the specific area of medicine that you are most interested in.

Nursing Career Options for Moms

Another option is writing medical advice articles or maintaining a blog. The schedule is flexible, and you could start in your spare time.

Many nursing careers are a perfect fit for working mothers. Make sure to find one that will allow you to balance your patients’ needs and your family’s.

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