Most of us find cleaning our bathrooms a pretty tedious task and dread cleaning them. The process of cleaning your bathroom sink, faucets, toilet, bathtub, and other bathroom surfaces can be hectic sometimes. 

But, above all these things, the bathroom surface needs extra care. If you fail to clean your bathroom regularly, say at least once a week, then you are voluntarily inviting germs and disease-causing microorganisms into your house.

9 Easy Tips to Maintain Bathroom Surface

By leaving your bathroom fixtures unclean, you are paving the way for scum to build up and for stains to discolor the surfaces of the bathroom fixtures.

Clear the Area

As the first step, remove all the items from their usual spot, especially if you clean your bathroom surfaces after months. Everything means everything, remove the trash bin, used towels, rugs, things kept on the counters, and place them outside the bathroom. 

Dust and Sweep

Next, dust and sweep the entire bathroom. Grab a duster that has a long handle so that you will be able to remove the cobwebs from any corner of your bathroom easily. If you cannot get the cobwebs out, even with the long handled-duster, use a stepladder. 

After clearing the dust, sweep the entire bathroom surface or use a vacuum cleaner that you can use on wet surfaces. The final step is essential, as sweeping or vacuum cleaning will ensure that the bathroom surface is free from strands of hair or dust.

Scrub down the Shower or Bathtub

Scrub down the shower and bathtub with a general-purpose cleaning product. But you can use this cleaner only if you clean the bathroom daily. Some stains accumulated for months can’t be removed with a standard cleaner. Tougher stains or scum may require an acid-based cleaner. 

Wipe Down All Surfaces

If you have any towel racks or shelves for keeping your products, then take a piece of cloth or sponge and clean them. Wipe down the entire rack with dish soap and water to get a shiny finish. 

Follow the same steps to clean the windowsills, doors, blinds, baseboards. Fill a bucket with warm water for the floor and mix it with the recommended amount of general-purpose cleaning liquid.

Clean the Faucets and Rinse the Surfaces

After doing all these things without missing any step, move on to the faucets fixed in your bathroom. Just dip a small portion of the cleaning sponge and scrub it over the bathroom fixtures and faucets. Make sure that you clean all the bathroom fixtures before mopping the entire bathroom. 

Reorganize your Bathroom Essentials

After rinsing the bathroom fixtures and floor, get the things you kept out of the bathroom to reorganize them. Throw out the things that you think are not necessary. Replace the items that are over, for example, an empty shampoo bottle, with new items.

Clean the Bathroom Cubicle and Countertops

Now, close the curtain or door for the bath cubicle. If you have a glass door for your bath cubicle, spray the glass cleaner all over the door and wipe it down to ensure a smooth finish.

After cleaning your bath cubicle, move on to the other faucets and countertops available in the bathroom. Spray the all-purpose cleaner over the faucets and countertops and leave it for some time if you have hard stains and scum.

Scrub the stained area before wiping it down. For cleaning your mirrors, use a glass cleaner and wipe it with a soft piece of cloth. To clean the cabinets, you can use a sponge dampened with water.

Get Those Stains Out!

If you have not cleaned your toilet for a few days, you should use an acid-based cleaner and scrub the entire toilet bowl before flushing it. If you are cleaning your toilet daily, then the job of cleaning will be complete just with the use of an all-purpose cleaner. To clean the outer part of the toilet, spray the all-purpose cleaner and wipe it dry with a piece of cloth or a dry sponge.

The Final Step

After completing all the above steps, take a mop, submerge it in the bucket filled with cleaning solution. Squeeze it before cleaning the entire bathroom floor. Leave it for some time so that it will get dry. Once dry, replace the empty trash bin and new towels and rugs. 


If you follow the tips given above and do them daily, you can easily have a clean and dry bathroom floor. Here is a helpful tip for you to keep your bathroom free from unwanted dust!

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Try to keep a handheld vacuum cleaner in your bathroom at all times so that you can immediately remove the unwanted hair on the floor and other dust that may be lying over your bathroom floor. 

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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