Whether you’re a working or stay-at-home mom, parenting isn’t always a simple task. Being a mom is a full-time job and can, at times, be draining. Due to the latter, a balance needs to be made between work, caring for kids, and caring for oneself. Self-care may not always be a mom’s most important concern, but here are some essential self care tips for moms.

8 Simple Self Care Tips for Moms

#1 Eat nutritious and well-balanced meals

Especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ensuring you consume healthy, quality meals are integral. A study discovered that maternal diet plays an essential role in growing and developing healthy children via the womb and through breast milk.

However, a healthy diet doesn’t just stop after giving birth or breastfeeding; a healthy diet can ensure a mum has the energy, mental and emotional health, clarity, and physical function to clean, work, run errands, care for children, and tend to her own needs.

Consider the following healthy eating tips:

  • Don’t skip out on breakfast – It’s the most important meal of the day!
  • Make fruits and vegetables the key component to each meal
  • Prepare a variety of healthy yet tasty recipes at home
  • Keep alcoholic beverages in moderation
  • If you’re a vegan, ensure you have the proper vitamin and mineral replacements through other food groups
  • Consider whole fat foods over low or non-fat foods. Healthy fats do not equal weight gain as many believe; this is a misconception. Healthy fat consumption assists with cognition and mental health

#2 Pamper yourself every day

Pampering not only allows you to look after yourself, but it also allows you to relax and redirect your mind and body after a busy day. Pampering can include but not limited to a hot bubble bath, manicure or pedicure, facial, massage, or a haircut.

Even for the times where you feel guilty that you’re being selfish and neglecting your family, consider getting pampered with them. It’s a win-win situation! However, the goal with self-care should be not to feel guilty and to realize that just like everyone else, you deserve to treat yourself too.

#3 Learn how to say no

As mums, we have been conditioned to push ourselves past our breaking points on numerous occasions. We believe we always have to be the one everyone can depend on and that we can’t say no. However, learning how to say no to give ourselves a physical, mental, and emotional rest is important.

So, how can we learn to do this?

  • Put your needs first when you feel you have to
  • Learn to disassociate guilt and rejection
  • Say no in the appropriate ways (e.g., “Thank you for the offer. I apologize, but I can’t today. I will be busy with work-related matters” versus “No, sorry. I’m too busy.”
  • Decide where you draw the line, and stick with it
  • Know how to prioritize

#4 Stay physically fit

Physical activity is vital for everyone, but as a mom, are you getting enough? Getting involved in physical fitness is great for your heart, metabolism, brain, endocrine system, and mental health. Engaging yourself in running or walking, biking, yoga, stretching, a sport, or even dancing just 30 minutes each day can begin to make a drastic difference.

Who knows, maybe exercise will also become a hobby for you! There is an exercise for everyone out there; find which is best for you considering your interest, current physical health and time.

#5 Journal nightly about the positive you experienced everyday

Journaling about positive experiences each day can create a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what’s going on in our hectic lives.
If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or stress, you probably are well aware that the brain tends to gravitate towards negative stimuli and emotions.

However, writing down or merely thinking about the good – even if only one good thing happened to you that day – can help combat such mental trauma. Nothing good happened to you that day that you can think of?

What about these?

  • Woke up to warm, sunny weather
  • Got to wear a favorite dress
  • Received a restful night’s sleep
  • Wasn’t late to work
  • Made plans for the weekend
  • Learned to forgive a friend for their mistake

Showing general appreciation for your loved ones is also a way to boost your mood. Keep in mind that there is always something to look forward to and be grateful for. They can be general or particular instances.

#6 Make sleep a priority

Especially when caring for younger children, it is essential that moms get a good night’s sleep and even take naps throughout the day if necessary. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can cause memory deficits as it directly affects neuronal connectivity in the hippocampus region of the brain.

To keep your mental health top notch and to rejuvenate the rest of your body, ensure your need for sleep can be met. It is one thing to slack on sleep for one or two nights, but every night can have harmful effects on the body.

Remember, the body repairs itself when it gets the quality sleep it requires. Lack of good sleep can cause your health to decline more rapidly – affecting your emotions, mentality, cognitive processes, and even your vital organs.

#7 Partake in daily meditation

Meditation, a mental exercise that helps one clear their mind and emphasize a specific thought or object, is so powerful that it is said to reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related conditions, according to a study.

Just 10 to 30 minutes of meditation daily can have positive effects. Meditation is important for mums who have hectic lives and have difficulty discarding toxic emotions or thoughts.

Some of the benefits of meditation include: mental clarity, stress reduction, better concentration, slower aging, increased happiness, reduced blood pressure, better breathing, and improved heart rate. It’s healthy all around!

#8 Engage in your hobbies on a weekly basis

Hobbies are an important part of anyone’s life. However, many mums tend to draw away from the latter and place emphasis on their children’s hobbies and activities.

Having hobbies can create something to look forward to as well as create purpose in one’s life whether that be the writing blog, reading books, or creating artwork. Hobbies can also be turned into a small business or volunteer work if one wishes, creating further purpose.

According to a study, engaging in hobbies can increase one’s morality. With that said, moms will have a better time adapting and living a fulfilled life when their young leave the nest.

8 Simple Self Care Tips for Moms

First-time mum, mum of one child or five children, however, you classify yourself, self care is important regardless. Most mothers put responsibilities and everyone else first, leaving themselves last on the list. However, occasional self care can make a world of difference for any mom, and thus, can even benefit their parenting.

Whether you opt for all or just one of these self care tips for moms, find what works for you and continue with it.

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