While the number of babies born in the United States has hit recent lows, millions of children are still birthed every year. Since you’re reading this post, we’re guessing that you’re going to be among the nation’s newest class of fresh-faced parents or know somebody.

That’s something worth celebrating! After all, pregnancy doesn’t happen often, and for some, despite their best efforts, it won’t happen at all.

8 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Loved Ones’ Pregnancy

This post explores ways you can bring attention to and commemorate this magical moment in your or a loved one’s life because no matter what’s going on in the world, what’s happening in one’s body is worth recognizing.

Keep reading to take in a handful of outstanding celebration suggestions!

1. Organize a Small Get Together

When one discovers that they’re pregnant, many decide to celebrate with a small get-together consisting of close family and friends. These gatherings aren’t usually raucous affairs but are quality, conversation-oriented gatherings that allow loved ones to congratulate couples before bigger, more formal baby showers.

We love “pregnancy dinners,” which are quaint dinner parties organized to celebrate one’s pregnancy status.

2. Go Big Online

If you’d like to celebrate a pregnancy status with a larger group of people in the early days of pregnancy, consider hosting a mail-in baby shower. Allowing a broad swath of people to congratulate a pregnant person without having to feed them allows you to accept kudos, make people feel like they were thought of, and won’t cost a penny!

Consider asking everybody to mix a virgin cocktail to enjoy together virtually. There are also video chat games ranging from trivia to bingo that might be worth setting up to add entertainment to the event.

3. Start a Time-lapse Project

Not every celebration of pregnancy is about bringing people together. Sometimes, celebrating a pregnancy means taking on a project that commemorates this particular time in one’s life.

One of our favorite pregnancy commemoration projects is time-lapses.

Pregnancy time-lapses are when you take the same photo of yourself in the mirror each day to gradually see how much your belly grows during a pregnancy period.

By the time birth rolls around, you’ll have a fun photobook you can share with family, friends, and the child born one day.

4. Plant a Tree

You celebrate with the earth when you plant a tree to commemorate a pregnancy.

Sure, it’ll take a long time for a tree to grow. Trees that take 15 to 20 years to mature will be maturing alongside the child you’re celebrating. It’ll almost be like their siblings!

Consider taking a picture of your or your loved one’s baby with their newly planted tree at birth and then again when they graduate high school to see the difference.

5. Share Your Experience With the World

Pregnancy is wondrous and scary in equal parts. Given that fact, many expecting mothers take to the internet to find guidance through the process and seek out people who are experiencing similar things to find a sense of courage in unity.

By celebrating pregnancy through blogging, you might provide help with pregnancy to thousands of people that need perspective. If you’re the one carrying, you might also find that the challenges you’re facing physically and emotionally will become easier for you to bear by writing about what you’re going through.

6. Buy a Journal

Commemorating being pregnant by journaling is an old go-to that makes for a fabulous gift for your child when they become an adult.

The execution here is simple. Just buy a journal and write each evening about what you experienced related to your pregnant body, thoughts that are going through your head regarding who your son or daughter might become, and anything else you can think of.

Believe us when we say that looking back on those notes 10 or 20 years after writing them will be an emotional and rewarding experience.

7. Don’t Forget About Dad

Let’s face it. Pregnancy celebrations are more for the person carrying a baby than the person that helped put the baby there.

We’re all for celebrating the hard work moms do during pregnancies. Still, they have found that if moms/celebration organizers can throw dads a nod during celebrations given that they too have a child on the way, celebrations go a lot more smoothly-the chance for contentiousness rearing its head drops.

8. Throw a Great Baby Shower

The big pregnancy celebration customary in most American households is the baby shower. This party occurs towards the end of one’s pregnancy and is often an event complete with games, people, food, and tons of fun.

We’ve seen people pass on having formal showers in the past, which is their right, but in our opinion, you shouldn’t dismiss these gatherings until you try them. Parents work hard to get to the home stretch of pregnancy. There’s nothing wrong with commemorating that work with a blowout.

If you’re helping a loved one celebrate their pregnancy, consider throwing them a surprise baby shower, which is always fun!

Enjoy Every Moment of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is challenging, and anybody who tells you otherwise gets very lucky or doesn’t share the whole story. While carrying a child or supporting someone carrying can feel like a laborious process, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the experience when it’s in your review mirror.

We hope our suggestions help you celebrate, commemorate, and remember this period. If you’d like more tips and suggestions on topics related to pregnancy, consider browsing additional health content on our blog.

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