Do you know what to consider when buying toys for toddlers? If not, keep reading to find out what you need to know!

Has your baby just graduated from the toddler stage? Congratulations!

This is a magical time when your child will explore the world and start growing up before your eyes. It’s also a critical stage where you must guide your baby and help develop their skills. And what better way to do this than playtime?

7 Things to Consider When Buying Toys for Toddlers

As your baby advances into a new stage, it’s time to get them new toys. Here are a few things you should know before you start stocking up.

1. Make Sure The Toys are Safe

Your toddler will spend a lot of time with the toys. So you must pick these toys wisely and ensure they’re safe to play with.

The first point to consider is obvious – the toys shouldn’t be so small that your toddler might swallow or choke on them. They’ll try to taste everything, so keep that in mind.

Beware of battery-operated toys. Batteries can be hazardous; they can cause chemical burns and internal bleeding. If you get such toys, ensure the battery case is tightly locked.

Avoid toys that have sharp parts or even small bits like buttons. Also, ensure riding toys have safety harnesses and straps and are well-balanced and stable.

2. Toddlers Love to Play Pretend Games

We all think toys are the best form of entertainment for toddlers. But do you know what makes their playtime fun? Their imagination!

The most beautiful thing about childhood is that you can pretend to be in space while playing around with cushions in your living room.

This isn’t as easy when you grow up. So make sure you give your toddler the freedom to let their imagination run wild. Try to buy toys that allow them to use their imagination and play pretend games.

Some ideal toys in this category would be dolls, tools, kitchen playsets, stuffed animals, trains, and cars.

3. It is the Age for Activity

Typically, toddlers do not rest at all. It is the phase in which they develop their motor skills and explore the world. And that’s precisely what you should make playtime about!

Toddlers are at the stage where they are learning rapidly and getting to know their physical abilities.

They have a sense of danger but always do risky things like jumping, climbing, and rolling around. This is an appropriate age for buying them toys that encourage activity.

For instance, toys like balls for playing catch, tricycles, pull toys, wagons, and electric cars for kids will make them delighted. Even carrying them around in strollers can be fun toys for your toddler.

Check out the Snugbaby website for some suitable options.

4. Multipurpose Toys are Fun

Sure there are a variety of toys with unique functions. But consider keeping some in your stock with more than one use. Multipurpose toys are not only long-lasting and budget-friendly, but they also provide the proper stimulation for your child’s brain.

Examples of the toys I’m talking about are blocks, cups for playing with sand, wooden cubes, cardboard tubes, etc. These toys are usually known as “open-ended.”

They don’t have defined activities; it all depends on whatever your child feels like doing with them! Open-ended toys let your child’s imagination do all the playing. They enhance your toddler’s cognitive skills and develop their creativity.

5. Get Started on Developing Your Toddler’s Problem Solving Skills

Playtime can be a very educational part of a child’s life. It is pretty crucial for the development of your toddler’s brain.

So what your baby is playing and how are pretty significant for the skills they’ll develop as they grow up.

Try to seek toys that allow your child to explore things and solve problems independently. For example, puzzles, legos, shape sorters, and play dough are good ideas.

These toys will teach toddlers to understand the world better and do wonders for their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

They can explore different textures, learn how things fit, and build their problem-solving skills.

6. It’s Never too Early to Read

Do you want your toddler to be more advanced than other babies? Of course, you can’t enroll them in school this young. But you can start introducing reading toys in their playtime.

Let’s not kid ourselves – toddlers are too young to read. But your goal is to familiarize your child with the alphabet, texts, and book-like structures.

So start handing your baby crayons, magnetic alphabets, and books. You can even get some interactive children’s books that make noises and read them aloud.

This will develop their interest in books and gradually ease them into talking and reading. It’s also an excellent way to calm them down before nap time.

7. Join in during Playtime

Toddlers are adorable, cuddly bundles of joy. All they want to do is play with their family!

So try to spend as much time as possible with them while they still think you’re cool. Trust me- this won’t last forever!

Consider getting family board games that are fun for adults and your child. These games not only encourage bonding but can also be quite educational.

Counting and matching games are mainly popular with this age group. They do a great job of improving children’s memory and communication skills.

Final Thoughts on Toys for Toddlers

We all want to give them the best childhood and spoil them with toys when it comes to our kids. However, if you’re smart about what to get your baby, it will have long-lasting positive effects on your child’s life.

Since your baby will spend so much time with their toys, you should know what you’re buying. Hopefully, the tips above have given you a good idea about what is appropriate for toddlers.

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