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7 Must-Have Tips to Kick Start Weight Loss Resolutions

Have you ever promised yourself that you’d lose weight before the end of the year but found yourself right back where you started? Do you feel disappointed that you couldn’t fulfill last year’s New Year’s resolution? In today’s post, we’re going to give you the key ways to kick start weight loss and keep your 2020 resolutions make better choices.

7 Must-Have Tips to Kick Start Weight Loss

Don’t fret. We are here to help you kick start weight loss! Follow our seven tips below to learn how to jumpstart weight loss without feeling like it costs too much or like you have to slash half of your favorite food away.

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Kick Start Weight Loss

1. Stick with Water

You can hit the ground running by ditching soft drinks, alcohol, and juices for plain old water. Whenever you feel hungry, but it’s not yet time for a meal, have a glass of water. Whenever you’re about to eat, have some water before you take your first bite.

Water can kick start weight loss through a multitude of ways. It helps your body burn calories, reduce water weight, and it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Water can also help boost metabolism, ensuring you get the energy to work out.

2. Smaller Plates

Does it seem like you don’t have enough food on your plate even though you measured precisely how much you eat per serving? The problem isn’t the serving size — it’s your plate. Having a large plate might make a regular serving seem too small and insufficient to satiate your hunger.

Remedy this by using smaller plates. It’ll look like you’re getting more even though it’s the same serving size as before. Tricking your mind like this can go a long way, and you might also feel full despite consciously knowing you only switched plates.

At the very least, it won’t seem like you’re not getting enough. There’s the image now of a full plate in the back of your mind.

3. Plan, Don’t Ban

Fond of pizza, burgers, and other food deemed fattening? Instead of banning them out of your regular diet, plan your meals, and schedule when you can put these back on the plate. Schedule a cheat day and include the food you usually can’t eat, such as the pizza mentioned above or junk food.

Banning food will only aggravate you. You’ll feel deprived and depressed. Planning ensures you don’t succumb to these feelings. You’re merely setting aside when you can eat these meals instead of banning them altogether.

Now you’ll feel satisfied because you still get to enjoy food people usually cut out while losing weight. It’s all about getting into the right headspace, and this method guarantees you won’t feel sad or deprived.

4. Exercise Moderately

If you want to kick start your weight loss program, don’t make a big leap. Start slowly and find your rhythm.

The traditional method to pick up a good pace is to hit the gym and ask a trainer to help you. This method is still the best because it guarantees you get a professional opinion.

However, there are other ways to kick start your exercise program. Some people like to begin by ditching weights in favor of dancing. Others want to integrate their workout with beginner’s martial arts.

You can also turn to video games. Ring Fit Adventure is the latest and most innovative video game designed to make exercising fun. The best thing about it is that it delivers noticeable results!

5. Don’t Fear Supplements

Despite what some conspiracies state, supplements aren’t always harmful. Many help you stay fit and give you the nutrition you usually wouldn’t get on a strict diet. For people trying to lose weight, you’ll need supplements to get more protein while cutting down on fats and carbs.

Not sure where to start when it comes to buying supplements? You can check this list here discussing the 6 protein powders for weight loss.

6. Eat Real Meals

Sticking with a strict diet, like intermittent dieting or low-carb dieting, can be quite a shock for some. They can lead to significant weight loss results, but they are not for beginners.

To kick start your diet, stick with a simple plan instead. Making the right choices about the foods you eat matters more than how many meals. Focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and getting the right amount of protein in your diet.

Some times, the problem is eating right is we do not have the time to prepare the meals. That is why meal planning has become so popular. You can prep 20+ meals in as little as an hour. This helps you cut out the fast food trips or resorting to microwave meals.

7. Have Fun with Cardio

When people think of cardio, they often assume it’s all about jogging. Yes, jogging is perhaps the king of the hill when it comes to cardio because it’s the easiest to accomplish. Find the right shoes and clothes, warm-up, and start jogging.

However, this can get monotonous and too exhausting for some.

Switch things up by trying different forms of cardio. You can get on a bike, for example, or hit the pool and swim. These are the two main alternatives for jogging, and they’re both fun and engaging.

You can also try using a jumping rope. It requires some skill and training, but you’ll get used to it with some practice or a guiding hand. Gym trainers can help you out.

If you want more advanced cardio to push your weight loss efforts truly, you should try HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Kick Start Weight Loss Now!

Follow these seven tips and kick start weight loss today! Follow through with your New Year’s Resolution and hit your target weight before 2020 ends!

Of course, staying fit and healthy doesn’t end here. There are countless other factors to consider, like what food to add in your diet plan or which exercises to prioritize. If you want more guides to help you out, we’ve got you covered, so feel free to read more of our content right here, right now!

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